Mar 7, 2016

Marveous Monday Update 3/7/16

Hello Spring by Lizzie Kate
Now that meteorological Spring has arrived, I'm hoping *real* spring weather is following.  My area has had two snowfalls in one week. Lucky for me, they both were light fluffy snows... made shoveling so much easier since I'm still suffering from tendonitis in my elbow (thanks to that first horrendous snowfall back in November).  This week, temperatures are supposed to hit the mid 60's which is much better than the 20's we were experiencing  just a week and a half ago.  Hello Spring!!

A few months back, I developed a cold. It was followed by a cough.  The nagging cough is still hanging around.  I feel okay except for the persistent cough and feeling tightness in my chest.  Going to the doctor on Thursday because I'm just tired of it.

Kim over at Wisdom with Needle and Thread is celebrating her 60th birthday this year.  To see how she's celebrating in a very special way, click on over to her blog.  Wish her a great birthday while you're there!

One would think since I don't have the commute, I'd have more time to stitch but alas... it hasn't happened.  I've been stitching here and there when time permits.

Part Three of Palko's Words 2016 SAL arrived at the beginning of the month. After stitching it up, I decided I didn't like the light purple I chose:

So, a froggin' I went and restitched it in a different shade.

Mucho better, IMO.  Since I photographed it in the dead of night, the fabric color appears gray instead of the dusty rose it actually is.  Here's a WIP photo of the entire project so far:

I've also been stitching on JG (are you shocked?!).  Here's what it looked like before:

and now after a few weeks progress.... I have finished with the lower right corner ornament.  Very exciting!

Next week, I'll be heading to sunny Florida.  A week of sun, water, and sand.  I'll be meeting up with a special friend as well as hopefully, a stitcher.  Anyone in the Pinellas County area?

Until next time,



*-* said...

I hope you feel better very soon, perhaps your week in the sun will do wonders.
I like the colour of your stitching for the Palko piece, it is very pretty. The Japanese Garden also looks great.

Christina G said...

Meari, I live way east in Miami-Dade county. Would loved to have met you but I am at least 5 hours away. Pinellas is beautiful - Right by the Gulf of Mexico. There is a shop in Port Charlotte, but that's about an hour away from you, depending on where in Pinellas you will be. Enjoy your visit and say hi to our fellow stitching sister for me.

Donna Pheneger said...

Enjoy your time here - the weather has been lovely.
I'm in Polk County, which is in the middle of the state.
Love your progress on the garden and the Palko SAL.

Deb said...

Great update! Hope you outrun that cough.
Have a wonderful vacation!

Anonymous said...

Snow?? What is that??? We've been wearing shorts for nearly a month now - maybe you live in the wrong place! LOL Love the colors in your Palko. Judi in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Yay for finishing a section on JG! Enjoy Florida :)

Karin in CA

Anonymous said...

Sorry you cannot et rid of your cold and hope the warm weather help you to get rid of it.

Lovely stitching on the Palko picture and great that you have started back on JP.


Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoy your vacation and I hope the cough stays behind. Your Palko piece is looking good. I like your color change in the purples.

Thoeria said...

Goodness....get that chest sorted young lady!
And what lovely stitching you've been up to!! JG is a truly amazing piece :)

Should I mention that it doesn't snow here where I am....and that we had temps in the 90s last week? :D Enjoy Florida!!

Vickie said...

Yes, our snow up here is finally melted and gone!
Loose the cough before your vacation!!!

Katie said...

We've been having warm temps too. Hope your cough leaves you quickly. Those can sure hang on awhile. Love your Words SAL. I love the new purple. Your JG is looking amazing!!! You'll have to bring it to the retreat to show off in person again. Have a fantastic vacation!!

Faith... said...

Hope the doctor helps with your cold! JG is looking great, you are making tons of progress with it and Hello Spring is to cute! Words is looking great too and I think we are using similar colors for the flowers. Enjoy your vacation and have lots of fun.

Sue said...

Everything looks great SD! You have a wonderful vacation! Relax, enjoy your friend, the sun and surf, and stitching too! Love you, SM ♥

Anonymous said...

Nice update Meari. I like the colour you chose to change to for the SAL. Shows up much better. And I really love the way your JG is coming along now. You seem to have made up your mind that it WILL get finished!

Sandie K

Desiree Ehleiter said...

I hope you feel better before you leave for your vacation and have a wonderful time. Your projects are coming along lovely, and I am really enjoying watching them develop.

KimM said...

Love your blog!! I started following you - and a huge THANK YOU for posting about my giveaway. I hope I have your address....if you live in the Midwest, we must be close....I'm in Iowa. Just in case....could you please send me your address so you can join my party?

Anonymous said...


I always enjoy your blog. Let us hope that the doctor gives you a clean bill of health.

Your JG is looking amazing and I agree with the switching out of the purple.

I wish you a wonderful vacation and look forward to your news when you get back.


Pam in IL said...

Lucky you -- going to Florida for some beach time! Hope you're doctor gave you something so you'll be feeling better by the time you leave. Beautiful stitching! Happy Spring!

Brigitte said...

Very nice progress on both your WIPs. The new color that you use on Palko's SAL looks great.
I hope the week in Florida will help to get rid of your cough :)

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Hope your cough is gone! Have fun on vacation - woo hoo!!

Carol said...

I hope you're having a great time in Florida, Meari!! So many have had that horrid cold/cough combination this past month. Sure hope you will be all relaxed and ready to go when you return. Your little LK Spring scissor fob is so darling on the blue fabric and your WIPs are looking prettier and prettier...

Happy Spring to you!

Lyn said...

Hope you had fun in Florida! Hope you were able to stitch to your hearts content! Hope the doctor was able to help you get rid of the nagging cough! You stitch beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Meari -

Your stitching look great! Hope that you had a great time in Florida!


htimcj said...

That is such a pretty SAL you are doing. I really like the colors.

Deb said...

That is a long time to have a nagging illness. Hopefully you get rid of it soon.
Beautiful stitching! Like the slightly darker shade of purple. Better harmony in you work.
Congrats on the vaca! Have fun