Apr 3, 2016

Where did I leave off?

Oh yes... my cough and pending trip to Florida...

I went to the clinic at which there was no doctor available so I saw a nurse practitioner who prescribed antibiotics.  No surprise there since that seems to be the "cure all" solution whenever someone isn't quite up to par.  I took the last of the antibiotic the day I left for Florida.  The cough was still there.  In the days following, it got better (while in Florida).  As soon as I got back and stepped outside the airport, I could feel the familiar tickle in my lungs and within a couple days my cough was back.  It leads me to believe it's allergies and allergy induced asthma.  Oh fun.

On to better things!  My trip to Florida.  It was the first time I used an airport hub located only 40 minutes from my home.  I met two sets of teenage girls who were so polite it restored my hope for teenagers, LOL.  I took some awesome cloud photos from the plane, and saw my first sunset from the air.


The weather was beautiful... in the 70's (while back home, it was in the 40's).  It was a bit humid the first couple days, but got better the last few days.  Either that, or I was getting used to it.  Went to several places and saw lots of things...

First up is the Florida Botanical Gardens.  It was interesting to see all the plants and flowers. The funniest thing I saw there was a sign that said, "Please Don't Feed or Molest the Alligators." LOL


The next day was a trip to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. 

Every hour or so, they had a "Meet and Greet" where the aquarium employees talked about different animals.  I got to meet Shelly the Penguin after the penguin meet and greet. 
There were several tanks where people could touch the undersea life... being a touchy-feely person, I *had* to touch everything. LOL


One would think catching the sun set at the beach would be a simple thing.  Nope.  Tried for three days... the first two evenings were very cloudy despite being sunny all day.  The last evening was a success.  Along with a beach picnic at Ft. Desoto State Park, a beautiful sunset presented itself.  Another first... I've never seen the sun set while sitting at the beach.  I highly recommend a picnic at sunset!

This is another of my favorites...

Made some new friends at the beach:

The days flew by, and there was not time to see everything.  I guess I'll just have to go back!

This week, I had my first performance review with the new employer.  My boss told me upfront that he 'grades' strict.  Sure enough, on paper, he did.  Yet, verbally he discussed how I've accomplished tasks other project assistants have not (Technically, I'm a project accountant) and that I have the capability and capacity to do more.  The performance review lasted 3 hours!  He went over point-by-point all the line items of the paper review.  Long story short, the project managers want me to be 'more agressive'... that I have no boundaries as far as getting things done even if it means spending more money (lol), and I essentially have to babysit them after I ask them for information (nice... not).  Right before I left for vacation, I was given a pro-rated bonus and told I received a 3% raise.  I figure I can't be doing too bad despite the mediocre paper review if I received a bonus and a raise.  Hard to believe it's been six months since I left my previous job.

Readers may recall that I finished A Marriage Is back in December.

It was supposed to be a one year anniversary gift for my niece and her husband, but I didn't get it done until December 24th... a few months after their anniversary.  With her crazy schedule and social life, it took me three months to pin down my niece in order to give it to her.

I kitted up Promise Me by Lizzie Kate to stitch while at the airports and on the plane.  Sitting by the window provides great light.

A lot of my readers know Deborah.  I recently had another overnight visit with her.  She's doing much better, and is moving to an assisted living home.  I believe tonight will be her first night there.  It's with mixed feelings she's leaving her home she made with her husband Max and their furbabies, but she also knows it will be best to have help immediately available if she needs it.  There are guest rooms so she's already invited me to her new home!

We had a great time chatting the hours away and stitching.  I took Promise Me with me to Deborah's to stitch on while we were chatting.... made good progress.

Sometime during my vacation, Palko sent out Part 4 of the Words 2016 SAL.  I had so many emails that I didn't see it until a few days ago.  I wasted no time in putting the project back on the qsnaps, LOL.  Part 4 finished:

I've been remiss in participating regularly with the Throwback Stitching sponsored by Carolyn at Stitching One Day at a Time.  There's also a Facebook group called Throwback Stitching where finishes are shown along with stories that pertain to the project.  Here's my latest "throwback":

I stitched Painted Ponies back in 1995 and made it into a photo album cover.  That year, I made photo albums for each of my sibling's families as well as for my parents.  I filled each album with photos I'd taken during the year... pertaining to each family.  I also put captions next to each photo, LOL.  This one went to my oldest brother.  I had each sibling open their gift in order of age.  By the time it was my youngest brother's turn, you would've thought he had ants in his pants as he couldn't sit still waiting (He was 23 at the time!) because he could see what the others had gotten.

Months just seem to fly by, don't they?  Time to say farewell to another month.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a great time on your vacation and it did help with your cough, but it sounds like allergies.

Thanks for sharing all your pictures, I sure would love to go down there to get some sunshine and warm weather.

Your finishes and WIPs are looking great.

I am happy to hear that you visited Deborah and know she will be okay in her new home.


Faith... said...

I love all your vacation pictures Meari, especially the ones from the plane; they look fantastic! Glad you were able to get away for a while and enjoy yourself - you deserve it after the past year or so.

Words looks great and I love Promise Me (have it in my stash somewhere) and the fabric you are stitching it on! A Marriage turned out beautifully!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like and looks like you had a great vacation. I'm so glad to hear that Deborah is doing well. I'm loving your Palko -- wish I had joined in on it. Has the cough left yet? If not, maybe it's telling you that you should be a sunshine state resident! Judi in Phoenix

Donna Pheneger said...

Enjoyed your blog entry!
Isn't Florida Aquarium neat? We love it.
Glad you enjoyed your stay in FL even if the weather didn't co-operate as it should!
Your stitchy update were great - I really like your Promise me - it's going to be beautiful!
Blessings, Donna

Akila said...

Great pictures of the clouds, sunset looks awesome!! I love looking at the clouds from the plane and trying to take some good pictures. Sunset is my favorite too :)
Oops, hope you find the reason for your allergy and the cough goes soon!!

Brigitte said...

Your vacation in Florida must have been gorgeous, away from any cold and cough. I loved seeing all the wonderful pictures.
Great stitching projects!

Weronika said...

Sounds like your vacation were awesome. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful pictures and stories. I love your stitchig - especially horses.

Sandie said...

Your Florida trip sounds awesome. Lots of lovely photos there to make memories from. Loving how your stitching is coming along. Promise me is so nice - even if it will be a pain to find a frame for it's sizing!
Hope by now the cough is better. I suffer from a persistent cough - mine seems to be related to breathing issues as I cough more when I laugh!

Emily in NC said...

You take stunning photos, am very impressed with the plane and aquarium ones, those windows always mess me up. How cool that you got a raise at work, that is always great, and your stitching is gorgeous as always.

Vickie said...

What a beautiful vacation. Your niece looks awfully happy with her present. That is great. I enjoyed the photo album picture and the story.

Katie said...

What a fun filled post. Your vacation pictures are wonderful. Now I have another aquarium to put on my to visit list. I really want to make it to the Atlanta one sometime too. Beautiful stitching! Love the story about your brother. Too funny. How sweet though. Just love your cloud photos! See ya Thursday.

Robin in Virginia said...

It sounded like you had a wonderful vacation. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures from your trip. Sorry to hear the cough is back! Your WIPs look good.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Florida. The weather was beautiful, wasn't it? Sorry your cough was at the airport to meet you when you returned home.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip Meari I do like to visit Florida I saw the laughing seagull's with there black heads so different than the ones we have in New England. The flowers are so nice too the colors make you say wow! I have been able to follow a sunset from NY to OR. that was great, your blog has brought back so many memories for me. Hope you feel better soon.

Karen V
Fitchburg MA USA

Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed your blog today. Your stitching projects are all looking great - as usual!

I loved your vacation report with all the pictures and I am glad that you had fun on your visit to Florida.

Tara Kimberley Torme

Pam in IL said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful! I'm glad you got a bonus and a raise, but a 3 hour review sounds painful to me, lol. I love seeing your stitching progress and the story behind the photo albums.

Desiree Ehleiter said...

Meari, I really enjoyed your entire blog entry today. I'm glad that your cough is most likely allergies (crappy, but better than an illness in my opinion). Your vacation pictures were wonderful! The clouds from the plane really made me smile. And the friends you made a the beach... wonderful. Your new boss sounds like he wants you to be all that you can be, which is a great way to work. Love your stitching updates as well. Looking forward to your next post.

Deb said...

Gorgeous vaca pictures!

Allergies can be insidious. Sounds like that is what you have. Hopefully you can get it under control.

Sounds like your friend made a good decision for a move. Heartbreaking to leave your home. But sometimes for the best. When my grandma moved to a smaller place she was so upset. She always felt my grandfathers presence in their home. Once she moved she felt as if she lost contact with him. Be prepared for your friend to feel the same way.

Lovely stitching. Love your ponies book!

Nan Davis said...

I always enjoy your posts Meari. What great pictures from your vacation....I agree, there is just too much to do in one visit. Your stitching is lovely. I like following your progress. Congrats on the bonus and raise.

gominam said...

What a read. Glad you enjoyed Florida, those are awesome pictures! Lovely stitching as well, love the throwback:)

loretta said...

Beautiful vacation photos and beautiful stitching!

Sorry about the allergies and asthma issues though, totally miserable icky stuff, so I hope you're feeling better and finding some relief. The pollen this year is really doing a number on me as well. My doctor prescribed me a stronger old school drowsiness inducing allergy medicine for the Spring. I usually do okay with just Allegra and Benedryl, over the counter stuff, but this year the pollen is super strength or something out there.

Melinda said...

Your pictures are amazing. You captured so many beautiful things. A three hour review - I would have been so uncomfortable. Congrats on the Raise and the Bonus.

Your stitching is beautiful - love your Throwback

Carol said...

What a busy month you had, Meari! I loved seeing the Florida photos--could almost feel the warmth :) It has turned very cold here again--not liking it at all... I do hope your health issues don't linger. Allergies/asthma can really take their toll.

It sounds like you're doing great in your new job in spite of the "average" paper review. Perhaps the boss is just the type who likes to not offer praise in the beginning so the employee has something to strive for?

Lovely stitching and your niece looks so pleased with your special gift, Meari--well done!! I love the little initials in the sand :)

Hope April is off to a great start for you!

Christina G said...

I am praying for Deborah for peace and wellness for her. This is such a hard time for her. I have helped (or tried to) many make transitions from their homes and it's very hard for all involved. This was a great update. I sure do look forward to your posts Meari. Hugs, Christina in Miami.

Claudette497 said...

What a great post - I felt like I went to Florida with you! I hope the cough gets better, my stepmom just got some antibiotics because she was tired. I thought she was joking, but she wasn't. I'm so glad you're helping Deborah.

Vickie said...

I feel your pain with the allergies. Last September when I wasn't feeling well, we went to Florida, my cough stopped and as soon as I got home it was back!!!!! Love your stitching!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's quite an update, Meari! LOL I'm glad you had such a great time in Florida and that you didn't molest any of the alligators. LOL Sorry about the allergies....I feel your pain, although mine doesn't cause asthma for me. One of my dogs has pretty much the same allergies as me, so we've been trying out Benadryl on him this season.

Woohoo on your bonus and raise! I had a manager a while back who (unintentionally) taught me to repeat back to him my understanding of what he wanted....too many times my understanding didn't match his intent, LOL. That little skill set has served me well with many managers since then. :)

Karin in CA

stitcherw said...

Glad you had fun on your vacation. Loved the pictures of the sunsets, how fun to have gotten both one in the clouds and one on the beach. Hopefully your cough is doing better, the allergy season does seem to have started, as many people seem to have the sniffles and the tickle coughs lately. Beautiful stitching, especially loved your Promise Me piece by LK. I did that one earlier too and throughly enjoyed stitching it. The sentiment it expresses is a perfect one to keep in mind as well. Sue

Lillie said...

What a wonderful post and great vacation pictures. Oh! I know what it was like chasing sunset and sunrise by the sea, been there, LOL. A lovely finished gift for your niece. You been busy.
Congrats on a successful review. Hope you are recovering well from the allergies.