Mar 31, 2020

Sore Ears? Headband Tutorial for Homemade Masks

Several sewists have asked me for the pattern I used to make the headband I showed in my last post.  Below is the tutorial I came up with for making a headband to go with the homemade masks with elastic bands that go around the ears.  Please give credit and link to tutorial if you are posting your creations online.  Or, better yet send me photos and I'll do a feature post showing all the headbands made!


Materials Needed 
14” x 6 ½” Fabric                                                   
14” x 1 ½” Fabric                          
8” elastic**                                 
2 Large Buttons**      
Small Safety Pin Sewing Needle   
Straight Pins

**I used 3/8" elastic and 7/8" buttons.

Step 1:
Fold fabric pieces in half lengthwise, right sides together.

Step 2:
Sew ¼” seam on lengthwise edge of each piece of fabric.

Step 3:
Turn both pieces right side out.  Use the safety pin to turn the smaller tube inside out.

Place the seam in the center and press the tubes flat.

Step 4:
Using safety pin, pull elastic through smaller tube.

Secure ends of elastic with pins.

Step 5:
Secure elastic by sewing ends closed using 1/4" seam. 

Step 6:
Place smaller tube on top of larger one, centering it.  Seams should be facing out.

Step 7:
On one end, take corner of larger fabric and fold toward opposite side meeting the edge of the smaller piece of fabric.

Step 8:
Repeat with opposite corner and secure with straight pin.

Step 9:
Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the opposite end.

Step 10:
Sew 1/4" seam over ends to secure all layers together.  This is a pretty thick piece to sew through so you may need to use a hump jumper (aka button shank plate).

Step 11:
Turn ends right side out.

Step 12:

Sew buttons on about 1/2" above seam allowance.

Headband is finished!
To use, put headband on.
Place mask on face and hook elastic bands around buttons.

Until next time... Stay safe and healthy!


Anonymous said...

Dear Meari,

I really like your headband - facemask combo, great idea to take the strain off the ears.

If you have time, could you please send me your tutorial.

Many thanks in advance

Best wishes and stay healthy


Purple Pixie Dust said...

I love that face mask and will be emailing you. I had a kidney removed and need something to ware when going out. thanks lynda ruth be safe

Anonymous said...

Your head band is a great idea and glad you are able to make some.


Carol said...

What a wonderful idea, Meari! I have no elastic so I'm going to try my hand at making one with the fabric ties this weekend and see how it fits.

Carm said...

What a wonderful idea! Your mind is always churning with new ideas and you find a way to make them work!

Becki said...

What a great idea!