Apr 7, 2006

Cold, Rainy Friday Morning

Hey everyone, It’s FRIDAY! Did you all have a good week? Let’s see, what up with me?

For Lit class, I’m now reading The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck. I’m 10 chapters into it. I have to read 5 more before next week. I like the descriptors used in the book. I can actually visualize the scenes as I read it, even though it does seem drawn out at times. I also have a 4 question essay test over The Great Gatsby. I must say that I was not impressed with the book, or the movie. I just don’t have the insight as to what really makes this a literary work of art.

I finished the second floral bookmark for a RR. (No, it doesn’t stand for railroad. RR = round robin.) If I do this design again, I will NOT be doing backstitching in the center of the flowers. I think they looked much better without it. However, after I did backstitching on 18ct, I wasn’t about to rip it out. As much as I’ve enjoyed participating in the bookmark RR I coordinated for ILCS, I’m looking forward to completing the last one so I can get back to stitching my other projects. I started the final bookmark the other day: a dragonfly bookmark. The design is by Joan Elliott. I have a bit of backstitching to do and one dragonfly will be done. Three will fit on the bookmark, I think. The design is actually for a towel and I adapted it to a bookmark. Once finished, I can send the package back home to it’s owner. Yay! (I hope she likes them)

I won a trivia contest this week. The question was: What does B.I.D. mean on prescriptions? Answer: Twice a Day What did I win? $15 gas card at Exxon Mobil. That will take a dent out of my next fill up!

Can you believe it’s almost time to register for Fall semester classes? Yikes! I have two science courses and one humanities course left to take before I attain the AS degree. I’ll be registering on Mon for an Intro to Ecology course. Science is not one of my stronger points!

I’ve been on a movie rental kick lately. Like I said earlier, I watched The Great Gatsby (yuck). Other movies I watched this past week:

The Terminal with Tom Hanks
Closer with Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Natalie Portman & Jude Law
Beautiful with Minnie Driver

Out of all of them, I'd say Beautiful was the best. I got teary eyed at the end. I had a coupon for a free rental at Blockbuster and with my movie membership I get 2-for-1 if I rental Mon-Wed. So I got 3 movies for the price of one this time.