Apr 30, 2006

Ladies Spa ... Ahhhh... Day

Are you overworked? Do you wish little Johnny would quit saying, "Mommmmm, I'm hungry." or "Mommmmm, Where's my.... ?" Ever take a break just for you?

Yesterday, I attended a Ladies Spa Day sponsored by the local hospital and YMCA. Well-deserving ladies could choose from several sessions to soothe the body, mind, and spirit. Sessions included such things as: Yoga, Cycling, Toning with Toys, Women on Weights, Pilates, Yarns of Today, Habits of Highly Effective Weight Loss, Cardmaking, Container Gardening, Massage, Manicure, and Facial. This is the second year I've gone and let me tell you... It's the best $35 you could ever spend if you want a day of relaxation, pampering, and creativity. We started out our day with a nice breakfast that included bagels, fruit, danish, coffee and/or juice. Then we all went on to our different sessions. I started out with a "For Your Body" session called Toning with Toys -- For 45 minutes, we were taught how to tighten and tone our muscles using hand-held weights, resistance tubing, and stability balls. Then I went on to a 45 minute Pilates session. I don't really care for Pilates -- It was hard on my joints and the mats are not thick enough. But hey, you never know til you try it! (Btw, I am sore today! LOL) Now that I had my body in order, I moved on to my "For Your Mind" session: Container Gardening. It was taught by an Illinois Extension Office Master Gardner. I didn't really learn too much, but I did get to share some tidbits that I knew with the class. Wouldn't you know that several others in the session has had problems with the cute furry critters I wrote about a couple weeks ago! My last two sessions were "Simply To Pamper". The fun part! Ahhhh.... First, I had a 20 minute facial. These were given by the Cosmetology students at the college. The girl I had was VERY good. Then I went and had a 15 minute seated massage. There were 4 massage therapists from the area there. The lady I had is actually a massage therapist at the salon I get my hair done at. She was very good, too! Now that I had my body, mind, and spirit in order -- It was lunch time! We were given a simple lunch and afterwards they gave out doorprizes. I actually won a card that offered $ off of various products at a pizza joint in town. Not something I will probably use, though. Last year, they had a motivational speaker which I really liked. They didn't have a speaker this year, so I was a little disappointed in that. It was well worth the $35! In talking with one of the other ladies, she said that she talked to several women who drove over 40 miles just to attend the Ladies Spa Day! Women everywhere should have something like this! We all deserve a partial day to ourselves!