Apr 10, 2006

OK, You cute furry rodent! This means WAR!

I was proud of the fact that I planted all my flower bulbs over the weekend. I live in a rental unit so 95% of my gardening is done in containers. I lined my nice pretty containers on along the edges of the steps. Watered them, just waiting for them to sprout up. I come home today on my lunch hour and GUESS WHAT?!!!

My friendly neighborhood squirrels dug up EVERY SINGLE pot! I hope they had fun. I hope they had a good laugh at my expense! I can just hear them now, rubbing their little paws together: "Dig in boys! Look at all this nice soil... and Look... Treasures!"

Anyone have humane ways to save my container gardens? I read somewhere and my Dad suggested sprinkling with Cayenne Pepper. So I did that. I am welcoming any and all suggestions as I will be planting vegetables out there, too.

Update: Since sprinkling cayenne pepper and garlic powder on top of the dirt, I have seen no evidence of the cute lil PITAs. Let's hope it stays that way! Here's a couple of websites with tips on deterring the the little critters:

Ask A Master Gardner
Squirrel Control
iVillage Garden Web
Thrifty Fun #1
Thrifty Fun #2

... and for all you Sciurophobiacs out there (and you know who you are!), click HERE.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes if you put chicken wire about a 1/2" below the soil it will discourage the squirrels from digging. I haven't found that sprinkling hot pepper really does much good, but, you may have better luck. A spray with hot pepper is somewhat better, but, only with things that they eat.

Do you feed the birds in your yard? It helps to feed only seed that the squirrels aren't interested in, like saflower and thistle.

vEr0n!c@ said...

Oh I'm sorrie to hear about those squirrels. Too bad I know next to nothing about gardening so I couldn't offer you any advice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari, Same thing happened to me yesterday. On Memorial Day me and my 2 DDs planted 190 Petunias. The next day the rabbits had eaten them down to 1 inch tall stems! Some came back, most didn't. That was the 2nd year. The first year they didn't get as many before I stopped them. Last year I think they were just waiting. I put some moth balls in the flower bed. It kept the rabbits out but my house smelled a bit even inside. Maybe in your containers 1 would be enough to keep them away but not over power. I had them all along the side of my house and by my mailbox. Let me know if you try it and if it works for you.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why I typed yesterday...I meant LAST year!

Nancy in IL said...

LOVE your sign!!! ROFLMAO! Wouldn't it be nice if that would work. I hope your remedies continue to keep the rodents away.