Jul 16, 2006

Where's A Good Man When You Need One?

I love to hang laundry on the line during the summer. Especially sheets and blankets. They smell sooo good after hanging outside. There are times when I really miss having a man around the house. Like when three out of four laundry lines break over the course of the weekend. Each of the three times I went to check on my laundry, I found that a line had broken and all my laundry was basking in the sunlight... on the ground! A good man would be thrilled (LOL) to fix the lines for me. Instead, I had to fix them myself.

Even though I have central air, it doesn't seem to keep the upstairs cool. So I have a small window unit for my bedroom. In trying to get a good grip on it, I balanced it on a medium sized toolbox (Yes, full of tools.) that was sitting on a table. When I went to pick the unit up, the tool box fell on my toes. Ouchies! It was all I could do not to drop the AC unit. I managed to struggle up the basement stairs, then up the stairs to my bedroom before dropping the unit on my bed. These are times when you appreciate a good strong man! LOL I did get it in though.

Men seem to make certain tasks seem so easy, don’t they? Like when the LP tank on the gas grill needs to be changed. They *know* which way to crank that wrench in order to get the tank disconnected. Me? I sit on the ground with my legs on each side of the tank, wrench in hand trying to figure it out. I’m thinking “righty tighty… lefty loosey”. Cranking and cranking on that wrench, getting nowhere. (I am SURE the neighbors are watching and getting their entertainment for the evening!) Then I see writing at the connection point... it’s covered in gunk and I manage to wipe enough off.... resourceful, aren’t I?.... to see that I am cranking in the WRONG direction! It’s no wonder I was still sitting there with the tank between my legs after 20 min. I did manage to get the empty LP tank off. It was so much easier to put the full one on than it was to take the empty one off!

Yes, I definitely miss having a handy guy around the house!