Mar 5, 2007

Monday Update 3/5/07

Finally, the weather is nice (cold, but sunny)!

Saturday, I woke up with a migraine that lasted almost all day. I finally started feeling better around 3:30pm. I still have a bit of a cough, but it’s less frequent than the past two weeks. I’m hoping another week and it’ll be gone (Please... please... please!).

I was supposed to have a bowling date Saturday, but since I wasn’t feeling so great... it was postponed until Sunday. Wouldn’t ya know that the bowling alley had leagues on Sunday. We checked two others – one had leagues, the other was closed. So we went shopping, to a movie, and out to eat. The movie we saw was Zodiac. It had some pretty graphic scenes, and was LONG movie - 2½ hours. Twice now, S has volunteered to pump gas into my car for me. I thought that was nice of him. Especially since I don’t like doing it. LOL He seems nice, and is funny in a boyish kinda way, but sorta rough around the edges when it comes to dating.

It’s spring break for my meteorology class, so no quiz this week. Woo Hoo! I plan on doing some reading ahead and reviewing for next week’s quiz, as well as working on next week’s assignment.

I received an email today from Dominque that she’ll be putting my Je Brode needlebook on her website today. How cool is that? In total, I had FOUR - Yes, four finishes this weekend! I did a second needlebook, a flat fold, and a scissor fob, in addition to Je Brode. Can’t show the others yet, because the recipients haven’t gotten them. I’m itchin’ to show them off, though!! I did a bit of stitching on Mime, too. This week, I plan to finish framing Freedom. All I have left is the brown paper on the back of the frame, and the hanging wire. I’m hoping to get that mailed off to the father this week. I’m gonna miss that piece sitting prominently on my dining room table!

I think my cell phone is on its way to the great cell phone heaven in the trash dump. Three different people have told me they hear extremely loud static when they talk to me on my phone... in addition, there’s intermittent ability to hear me talking! I’ll be making a trip to the cell phone store today. Could it be that I dropped it one too many times? I didn’t drop it this weekend, though!


Anonymous said...

I am amazed, studying during break?
I hope you get a 4 point.

stitcherw said...

Congratulations on all your finishes, I'm looking forward to seeing them all when you post pictures.

Sharon said...

wow, four finishes-our are on a hot streak Meari! Looking forward to seeing them.

glenda said...

i'm jealous of your dates! I would take a bad one after 2 years!!! LOL!!!! Sorry to hear about the migraine, I get them too. Nothing worse in my opinion.

Anita Sorrells said...

Wow Four Finishes, okay I am jealous of that LOL. No really can't wait to see some of the work. I am glad the cough is at least getting better, and that the migraine didn't last too long (although any amount of time with one is too long in my opinion).
Have a great day!

Tessa said...

What a great finishing session Meari.
Hi - it's been a while - trying to catch up on my blog reading :)