May 3, 2008

Rock Bed? Flower Garden?

Not sure what to call it.

It really shouldn’t surprise me by this point, seeing as everything I touch I have to wonder: “When was the last time...”

Up to this point the wondering had been about cleaning in the house, as I’ve had to deep clean almost everything since the previous owner didn’t seem to keep stuff clean. I’m no clean freak by any means, but c’mon... Mold, burnt on food, etc.? I digress, though because this isn’t about cleaning.

I spent 2 hours after work on Friday night trying to make the “flower bed” in my backyard presentable. As Celeste enjoyed her evening in the “great outdoors”, I sat and pulled weeds and grass from around the bricks (building bricks with holes in them) that were laid flat on top of the ground in an attempt to make it look like a flower bed sans flowers. In the center of the bed is red lava rock interspersed mildly with white rock that apparently was left over from some other project. I had to wonder when the last time someone did something with the bed because the grass that was growing in one portion of it had quite an established root system under the rock, between the bricks and in the holes of the bricks. It seems plants were put willy-nilly and seeing as I don’t know what all is there, I am leaving the bed “as-is” for this year. Next year, the bricks and the rock have to go. Who in their right mind would put a rock bed right next to a deciduous tree? A male friend told me: “A man would.” LOL


Lisa said...

Hi Meari! I love hearing about your yard and your plans for it...and the pictures of Celeste!!! She is a beauty for sure. I find yardwork very therapeutic after dealing with people all day indoors...helps restore balance. Lisa :-)

Jenna said...

Ugh, I hate pulling weeds. Probably because the majority of ours are thistle and require heavy gloves to not get stabbed. :)

Julie R said...

"Who in their right mind would put a rock bed right next to a deciduous tree?"

The same kind of person who puts carpet in a kitchen, bathroom and non-outdoor carpet on a front porch.

Seriously, when we moved into my house in Cheyenne, I did the same thing, left the plantings until I found out what was there. I was pleasantly surprised to find a fantastic stand of daisies, some beautiful, petite dutch iris and some Trillium. Hope you have pleasant surprises with your rock garden