May 15, 2008

SBQ - A Language All Our Own

For seasoned stitchers: Define a stitching term or acronym for new stitchers. For newbies: What stitching term or acronym would you like defined?

The timing is just perfect for this SBQ. At least for me. Last night, while talking to a friend, I said something about my "stash". After assurance that this was not illegal, I said "We have a language all our own." Can you believe this person asked me if there was a 12-Step Program?! LOL

For my answer, I'm going to refer to a previous post entitled: UFO's PMS and SEX. It's also listed in my sidebar under How-To named Acronyms.


Anonymous said...

Good topic. Those acronyms can be confusing. One that had me puzzled was SABLE - Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy. Thanks to google I got unconfused pretty quickly.

Lisa said...

We do have a 12-Step Program, don't we? It involves convincing ourselves not to turn back around for "one more thing" in those last 12 steps on the way out the LNS door.

stitcherw said...

Loved the comment on is there a 12 step program. Not that I'd want there to be, but sometimes I wonder if I don't need one. Oh well, as they say it is cheaper than therapy and I have something tangible to show from it.

Jenna said...

LOL to the 12-step program. Makes me wonder if maybe we should, for those of us who are trying to abstain from S.E.X. ;)