Nov 5, 2008

Definitely Going...

... down in the history books! Whether you're a fan of Barack Obama or not, our country has experienced CHANGE with the election of our first African-American president. Not only did Obama wallop McCain with the electoral vote, he also won over the popular vote and redrew party lines. In addition, the democrats have swept the House and the Senate.

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It all started with McCain's famous statement: "The fundamentals of the economy are strong..." That fumble dogged him for the rest of the campaign. Add to it his choice of running mate, Sarah Palin, who had little national, let alone foreign policy experience. (Who knows? Maybe by 2012, we may see her on stage again.)

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McCain gave an excellent and gracious concession speech, urging Americans to unite behind the president-elect and even admonished negativity being expressed during his speech. He also urged everyone to offer our 44th president goodwill and to find ways to come together as a country. Kudos!

Obama has huge messes to clean up as a result of the Bush administration. He hit the nail on the head when he said it would take “more than one year and more than one term” to address the challenges that lie ahead. What other CHANGE he will bring to the presidency and the country is yet to be seen, but one thing is certain: He's brought hope to people all over the world.

Another history maker: George Bush has the lowest EVER approval rating of any president leaving office in polling history. Congratulations, Mr. Bush.

It was one emotionally charged election day/night, and the American people made it clear who they wanted for president!

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Sue said...

Sorry, as the Dems have said for the last 8 years. Not my president. I'll respect the office, but have no respect for the man occupying it. I've done research on his website, voting record, associations, statements, speeches, etc and I think he is NOT the right black man for the office. I honestly believe that the US is ready for a black man as president, just not that black man. What's wrong with Michael Steele?

Rachel said...

I agree - this is a year for the history books. I am excited to see what happens during the next 4 years but also understanding that nothing will be fixed with a snap of the fingers.

Kendra said...

Congress has a lower approval rating that Bush right now. And in his defense, he's had the mainstream media against him from day one, and judging by the outcome of this election, we can see that the mainstream media has quite a bit of influence on the people in this country. He's made some mistakes, but if the media would actually do its job of reporting rather than influencing, I think his approval rating would be higher.

And I'll agree with Sue up there...I don't agree with Obama's policies and outlook for the country. Many of his ideas - very few of which have shown up in the mainstream media - are a complete 180° from the what this country was founded on. I'm betting people won't like the "change" they're in for.

Petra said...

What Sue and Kendra said and I'll add this - there are now no checks and balances with a Democratic House, Senate and White's quite frightening to be honest! Change isn't a platform to run on when there's no viable solutions being given!

Barb. said...

Well, he might have won by a large margin in the electoral college, but it was no landslide as far as the popular vote goes. It was not a landslide by a landslide so I'm not sure that the people clearly expressed their feelings. Proposition 8 is just one example of the conservatism that Americans want.

Too many people I have come in contact with have now said that they agree he might not end up being the best president, but it was historic and good for race relations. What the heck? Is that a reason to vote for a president? The conservatives will come back strong with a strong candidate in 2012 and we will hopefully survive this President for the next four years.

I will not abandon my conservative beliefs because Senator McCain or anyone else for that matter tells us that we have to rally around this guy. Although it was what many consider a historic election, it might end up not being the best for our country.

I am thinking that the mantra of this election was "Vote first and ask questions later."

Barbara said...

I enjoyed reading your post about this election, Meari. From the comments left, I see many conservatives read your blog. LOL Well, I'm on the other side of the fence and can hardly wait for Bush to get out of the White House. I never voted for him and am saddened to see the state our country is in since he's taken office. I truly hope the future brings positive changes for our country. BTW, I originally was a Hillary supporter and believe the media did a sexism number on her to get Obama nominated. It seems that men are still afraid of having a woman in charge. JMO
Barb in TX