Nov 24, 2008

Marvelous Monday Update 11/24/08

Woke up to our first real snowfall this morning! About 1/2" accumulated but was gone by the afternoon. Not ready... Not ready... Not ready... (For any of you who remember "Shove"... She's not ready either!)

I pulled a high C on that last test. Screwed up too many MC questions! I'm still holding on to a B overall, but just barely. I figure if I do well on the 2 papers that are due this week and get a B on the last test/final, I should be OK.

That brings me to the papers. Psychologists say we gain our values around the age of 10 and by 20, they're pretty much set in stone *unless* a significant emotional event occurs that changes a value. So, the assignment is to write a 2-3 page paper entitled "Who You Are Now Is Who You Were Back When" and detail out various aspects my life that made me who I am today. Easy enough, however, there are just some things a business college professor or the public in general do not need to know so I had a tough time writing up an "edited" version.

The second paper is to be 8 pages and based on a book having to do with business management. My book is called "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team". A rather interesting read, actually. (Kinda like my blog, LOL!) I've read the book and so far, I have five pages written. Two more "topics" to cover, the conclusion, and I'm finished!

Did I mention both these papers are due this Wed?

Oh, I almost forgot: Today, I received my degree check confirming that I'll be finishing my SECOND degree after this semester. Woo Hoo!! *happy dance*

Stitchy Stuff
Last week, I received my ornament for the SNS2 ornament exchange.

In addition to sending an ornament, Lizzie in Scotland also sent me a stitched card and a skein of SSS that I had on my wish list! Thank you so much.

I also received a RAK from Linda in TX: cloth to make a stitched afghan. Thank you, Linda!

I finally have a first date story of my own to tell! Why are first dates so awkward? I think I'm dating-challenged... Thre real me doesn't come out until like the 3rd or 4th date! I had a date last Thursday and he seems pretty nice. (Would it be too high schoolish of me to say that he was rather cute too? LOL) He's thoughtful and even opened the car door for me (twice!) as well as the door to the restaurant. Don't know where it'll go, if anywhere, but I did have a nice time.

Take note of the partial conversations that occurred after the date...

Sister (newly married): "Was he nice to you?"

Friend (L/T divorced): "Look him up on judici"

Hairdresser (L/T married): "Did you look him up on judici?"

Esthetician (single): "Did he look like his picture? Was his car a rental?"

One can tell that the women in my life (as well as myself) have been around the "loser" block one too many times, LOL.

Edited: For those of you not familiar with judici, it's a website to check a person's court "record" in 48 Illinois counties. I'm sure each state has it's own website.


Rene la Frog said...

I'm sure your papers will get "A's" and you'll get nothing less than a "B" in the class.

Very nice exchange ornament and extras.

I'm so glad I'm not out there in the dating world Wish I could clone my DH for you.

Nancy said...

Congrats on getting close to your 2nd degree. I know you'll pull off a B for sure! Values by age 10? That's pretty scary. And oooooh, a date??? I hope there will be more to tell soon enough. At least there weren't any weird stories to come out of the first one!

Carolyn NC said...

Good luck on the papers - at least you're mostly done! Exchange looks cute! And hope the first date turns into a second!

Nancy said...

Ok, what is Judici??? For those of us who haven't dated for 28+ years.

sales said...

I am glad that your class is almost over. I am sure that your papers will seal the deal for you on your B.
Once again, soooo glad I don't have to date any more!
And nice stash!

Sadie said...

Good luck with your papers. I am sure you will 'B' fine! Very nice parcels. Glad your date didn't turn into a 'worst date' story. I hope this week goes as well as last week.

CJ said...

Meari -

Good luck on the papers. I know you will do well and big CONGRATS on the the second degree, I know you will be dancing an extreme happy dance once that it finihsed. I wish you a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to next weeks update. Any dates planned between now and your next update??


Debra said...

Nice gifts. Good to hear you had a good first date.
Debra in Indiana

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Keep up the good work in school.

What great exchange and RAK to receive.

Sounds like a good first date.
Hope things continue to progress well.

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of Judici before either. I find it interesting that Cook County and the collar counties are NOT participants... although most of them have their own online docketing system so maybe that's why. I always Google a new guy to see if something odd or interesting comes up - and yes I Google myself periodically as well.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Good luck - with the papers AND the dates!

Louisiana Momma said...

congrats on the second degree! Wish I had finished my first before kids, perhaps later :-) First dates - that's one thing I dont miss from single life.. and yeah there are so many losers in this world it's hard for many people to say they haven't circled the loser block a few times (some more than others lol). I would have to go with your seasoned friends - check judici.. and just to be sure- myspace too.. see if he's a myspace playboy :-)

Bonnie said...

You have been tagged. The instructions are on my blog

Good luck on your papers tomorrow,
Your little ornament is cute.

Debbie Jo said...

Congrats on your 2nd degree! Makes it nice,,I know you will do great on your papers and keep your solid B. Nice ornie and card,,,also nice RAK. Hope your next date is a nice as the first.

Gabi said...

Congrats on your second degree. I'll cross fingers that you make your B with ease. What concerns "Shove"...didn't you have an electrical thingo for the snow or do I remember that wrongly?

And hopefully your first date will turn out in (at least) a second date and he stays as nice as nice can be. you got me curious. Did you check him out on judici or not?

Linda in MA said...

Congratulations on your second degree! I am sure you will get at least a B if not an A. You've always done well on your papers.

Linda in MA

Lucy said...

Don't ya love when a guy opens doors for you and helps you on with your coat. My husband does that and I love it, even after 9 years with him!!! (my first husband did none of that....I'm feel so spoiled now!)

Deirdre said...

Good going on getting your second degree. I bet your papers were great!

I would love to take the snow from you. We have had none. I really, really, really want a snow day or three.

Mylene said...

Congrats Meari! And goodluck with the papers.

stitcherw said...

What a lovely exchange to get, and the fabric was a sweet thought as well. Good luck with your papers, hopefully they go smoothly for you and you get the grades you want.

glenda said...

oh, I am so not ready for snow!

Love the gifties you got - lucky girl :)

Hey, if he's cute - you gotta call it like it is! LOL