Dec 15, 2008

Marvelous Monday Update 12/15/08

Last week started off with a nice (Not!) bout of freezing rain. I woke up to at least 1/4" of ice on my steps and driveway. Thank goodness I had foresight to put salt down twice during the night, otherwise I would've never been able to get out and go to work. Wait... Would that be so bad? LOL

Follow that with a chaser of 20MPH winds and another 3" of snow! The roads were trecherous and messy. I left work an hour early so I wouldn't have to be blowing snow in the dark. I finished up in the d-a-r-k! I am so ready for winter to be OVER! Winter isn't even officially here yet, and I'm ready for the BIG THAW.

By Sunday, temps were in the upper 40's and we had lots of rain. What?? Hard to believe that most of the snow we had has melted. Never fear though, by Sunday night we had a flash freeze on the rain and everything turned to ice.

Today I woke up to a dusting of snow, temp of 4F, and gusty winds! Windchill temps of 18F below zero! Brrr!! Later today is supposed to be a high of 12. Oooooh, HEAT WAVE!

I'm free! I'm free! I received my term paper back and got an "A" on it. I'm surprised since it was supposed to be 8 pages long and mine was only 5. I was glad to see the instructor graded on content vs. length. I took my final last Wed and think I did OK. I'll find out what my final grade is tomorrow.

Classes start up again in January, so I'll have a month of "vacation". Woo Hoo!

Every year a Christmas Ornament Luncheon is organized for the ladies who want to participate. We all donate $10 for the food and prizes, and we have to bring a gift wrapped $10 ornament to exchange. The food is always scrumptious and the games and exchange is a lot of fun! This year, our gift bag contained a playing card which determined how we chose an ornament. The organizer chose a card and if ours matched, we could go to the table and choose one. Here's what mine looked like before I opened it:

Each box contained an ornament!

All are so pretty and sparkly!

This was my gift "prize" for attending the luncheon. It's small and really cute.

Last week and this week, my firm asked me to do headshots of all the employees under management level. However, as it ended up... Some of the partners had me do their photographs! Talk about nerve racking!! This week, I'll be finishing them up. Here's a few of the ones I did:

I'm stressing out a little bit about how the lighting isn't consistent, and I don't really know why as I didn't change any of the set up and the light meter readings were the same when I checked it.

Stitchy Stuff
Remember a while back, I stitched Peace Love Cure by Lizzie Kate and then made a flatfold for a Freecycle friend who is a breast cancer survivor?

She emailed me the other day asking for my address to send me a Christmas card. In the same email, she told me she has a pink BC Christmas tree, and how she put PLC underneath it. D said she'd take pics and send them to me, if I'd like. Of course, I said YES!

D also told me that she wants to get together after the holidays for coffee and stitching!

I haven't posted a freebie in a while, so here's a cute one that was shared on the SNS2 group:

Candy Cane
by Madame la Fee

If you haven't already done so, please surf on over to Lisa's blog for some fantastic giveaways! She's a great lady and does some beautiful stitching. :)


Debra said...

Nice pictures and the tree looks so pretty.
Debra in Indiana

Kristin said...

Congrats on your grade. The ornies are so pretty and you did great with the pics.

I love the pink tree your friend put up.

Rachel said...

Congrats on your paper! Have a great holiday from school :o)

Rene la Frog said...

I'm not surprised by your grade, great job.

Love your new ornies, the last one would be great in my snowman collection hehehe

Must give you a warm fuzzy feeling to see your stitching is so loved it's under her tree.

Thanks for the freebie. Have it downloaded and saved.

Alberta said...

Meari, thanks for the candy cane chart! That was a lovely way to wrap your new ornaments...a surprise in each box!

Carolyn NC said...

Love the ornaments - sounds like a great time! Thanks for the freebie, too. Hope you thaw out some before the BIG freezes really start!

Petra said...

Great photos, I don't think you have anything to worry about...
YOU CAN KEEP THE SNOW/ICE, you handle it much better than I WOULD!

Rachel S said...

Love the little plate. And that tree looks great!

Donna said...

Hooray for the good grade & I love the ornaments. The pink tree is too cute! Great job on all!

Mylene said...

Congrats on your grades!

Great pictures shared and thanks for sharing the Candy Cane freebie.

Barbara said...

You can keep your cold weather, snow & ice. It's 45F today & I'm freezing, so couldn't handle that frigid weather up there anymore. Congrats on your grade and enjoy your time off. I love the little snowman plate - just too cute and your ornaments are pretty. Nice was they were wrapped in 3 separate boxes. Your pictures all look great to me. How nice of your friend to send you pics of her pink tree with your FF under it. And last, but certainly not least, thanks much for the freebie chart link. Have a great week & stay warm (if possible). ;D
Barb in TX

Nancy said...

Great job on the grades. I always have no doubt you'll do good in that department. As far as the pictures, I am no photographer, but what if you used a lighter backdrop so the suits and background wouldn't blend in so much??

kaghos said...

congratulations on that big "A"
as for the weather I'm with you on that.
I do like your pink tree

sales said...

WOW, you've had less than pleasant weather. Drive carefully! Great job on your grades and what a great ornament exchange!

Carol said...

Meari, it was close to 70 degrees in (southeast) Virginia today. How about sending a little bit of the white stuff my way!!!

stitcherw said...

Congratulations on the term paper, well done. Sounds like you've been having awful weather. So far we haven't had much ice, but the snow has been quite nasty a couple of days. We got about 6 inches yesterday, and are due for another 3 or so between tonight and tomorrow. Yuck, I'm ready for winter to be done too. What a lovely tree she made, all the pinks look so pretty and cheerful, and your piece does look perfect tucked under it.

glenda said...

I think your pics are great!

it's official - your weather is worse than ours - sorry :(

keep warm and grats on the term paper

J said...

Because I am looking for some inspiration, I recently joined the bbinteractive yahoo group. I challenged my family to do a theme next Christmas of the 12 Days of Christmas and told them to be creative in their thought process. And for the new great-nieces and nephews I wanted to do the "Sweet Smells of Christmas" based on the book of the same title. There are 6 smells. Thank you for the candy cane--it will be a great ornament to go with the book