Jan 19, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 1/19/09

HOLY COW has it been cold!!! Thursday, I woke up to -13F actual temps with -35F windchill factors. On Friday, morning temp was -24F (Who knows what the windchill factor was!). By the time I left for work, the temp dropped 2 more degrees to -26F... a record for these parts! There's definitely something wrong when the temp in

• Anchorage, AK is 43F
• North Pole is -8F
• South Pole is -18F

and we are -24F!!! The hairs in the nose freeze! Lucky for me I didn't have a runny nose, otherwise I would've ended up like the scene in Dumb and Dumber! Incidentally, when you do a search for "frozen snot" on Google, there are some really digusting photographs. (LOL... Ewww!)

Oh, and for you who've been following the Illinois govenor scandal... It was so cold outside that the governor has his hand in his own pocket.

By Sunday, temps did a 50 degree swing and was around 23F. How 'bout that?!

C had the day off on Monday so he asked me out to lunch. However, his furnace had other plans! He woke up to a cold house, and by the time the furnace guy got there it was too late to go to lunch. Bad timing with other things he had going on in the afternoon, too. *sigh* It's OK, though. I told him he had to make it up to me, LOL! Unfortunately, he's out of town for 3 weeks for work. We're gonna try again on Friday.

I know how ya'll love to hear about the 'others' that keep hanging on, so here's an update:

• XBF4 (Ex-BF from 4 years ago) -- Texted me on Monday: "I really do miss you" (Ugh)
Bro Setup (from last year, the one who hooked me up with the snowblower) -- Casually dropped that he's 'seeing someone' (Great!)
• S (Ex-BF from over a year ago) -- Still texts me for whatever reasons he thinks of at the time, and keeps asking if I want to go out (Noooo). I made the mistake of asking him the name of a restaurant he took me to, and he jumped all over that as an opportunity to exchange info for a date. (I think NOT!)

Oh, and the date (who went *poof*) I had before I met C ... Funny thing is: The website did a match-up of our profiles last week. LOL

Stitchy Stuff
Absolutely NO stitching done last week. However, Shelley asked about Floss Storage, so I thought I'd put my answer here. I wind my floss on bobbins... probably because that's what I learned to do *many* years ago and it's served me well. Up until last year, I stored my complete set of DMC floss in the large bobbin cases like THIS. I was lucky to get a Jammers case from a freecycler and moved my bobbins into the double sided case normally used for 1:64 scale die cast cars.

Since the entire DMC set doesn't fit into one Jammers box, I put the remainder into a large bobbin box. When I pull floss for project(s), I put them all into the smaller yellow bobbin box. That way I know at a glance if the color I'm looking for isn't in the yellow case, it's in the Jammer case. I really wish I could find another Jammer case!

For duplicates, I store them in skeins in large ziploc bags sorted into 100's. I'm downsizing my floss dup's in my FSOT blog.

I was trying to be good, REALLY! I found Isabella's Garden and the Copper Penny linen on sale for 60% off and couldn't resist. I think I'm gonna blame it on Shari... LOL... She showed her finish a while back and I thought it was so adorable.

Wouldn't you just know that on the FIRST night of class, we get hit with a wicked snowfall. The streets were ugly, but class wasn't called off. This should be an interesting class.... Business Information Systems. Basically, it's about all the sytems and procedures used to run businesses. The instructor is an IT manager at Newell-Rubbermaid. Class is supposed to run from 5:30-10:30pm, but he said he'd try to get us out around 9:30pm seeing as that's about the time people start losing focus. (LOL!) Much to my surprise, I actually participated in class discussion! On the first night of class, even. How about that?!? This is another *involved* class where there will be a test EVERY week, plus homework assignments, textbook reading, -and- a class project due at the end of the 8-week semester. Ack.

What Else?
You've heard about the rubber shrapnel under the hood, and the case of the fallen pulley. Then the sequel. Oh, I know...

My BFF called me Thursday morning to tell me she totaled her vehicle on the way to work. She hit a patch of ice and that's all she wrote. Ended up rolling her SUV and slamming into a snow bank on the highway. Luckily, she wasn't hurt -- Just shaken and scared. When the vehicle came to a stop, she was hanging upside down in her seat belt and couldn't get any of the doors or windows open. The police or EMT's (don't know which) ended up getting her out through the back hatch of the SUV. Believe it or not, she actually went to work after that! Silly girl. I am SO glad she's OK.

In The Doghouse
All men *need* to watch and take notes! --> Beware of the Doghouse


Debra said...

Frozen in Indiana too.
The video is too funny!
Debra in Indiana

Carolyn NC said...

We're hoping for a chance of snow here tonight, but who knows? One thing about the weather; it's never predictable! Hope you guys warm up some. Glad your friend is ok.
Love the video!

J Rae said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...Stay warm!

The Doghouse video is funny! I saw it a while back.

Hope school continues to go well.

Terri said...

Glad your friend is ok. Sounds like you really had a busy week.

htimcj said...

You will love Isabella's Garden. I am working on her right now and she is just so pretty. I am glad that your friend was ok from her accident and that your class seems to be interesting.

Karen said...

Sounds like you're getting what we had last week...there were a couple of days we never got above zero here in Wisconsin...stay warm!!

Nancy said...

Pretty funny you should mention the 50 degree increase. We were thinking the same thing. Right now we are still at -4, when will it end? Love the ex updates.....school? well that doesn't sound like fun to me. I was expecting a JG update. I forgive you!

glenda said...

Thank goodness your BFF wasn't hurt! Sounds like more busy school for you :)