Jan 5, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 1/5/09

OK, OK... Since both Nancy and Chiloe are chomping at the bit for some news on my latest dating adventure, here goes:

Due to the holidays and weather, it'd been about three weeks since C and I had our second date. 3 weeks! In all that time, he texted and/or called almost every day. That impressed me since most men would've lost interest early on.

Finally we had our 3rd date. Both of us were looking forward to it. :) He invited me out to dinner on New Year's Eve... to a restaurant he'd gotten a gift certificate at Christmas. It was an awesome restaurant located in a small mall and you'd never guess it was as nice as it was from the outside. The food was a bit pricey (IMO) and definitely not big portions, if you're a hearty eater like C is. Poor guy was still hungry afterwards! Reminded me of the mastercard "priceless" commercial where the couple waited weeks to get into a swanky restaurant only to find elf-sized portions and then went to a convenience mart afterwards! LOL OK, our food wasn't elf-sized... but when he said he was still hungry, that commercial popped into my head. Me? I had plenty to eat, and couldn't finish it all. Conversation was light and fun... although, I think the guy is addicted to football. Is there a 12-step program? ;-)

Again, he opened car and restaurant doors for me and offered assistance when I was trying to walk through the snow (in heels!). I had a conversation with my BFF and she told me she's offended when men do this for her. She will actually tell them: "I can get the door myself, thank you!" Personally, I see it as gentlemanly and I LOVE it. How about you ladies out there? Do you get offended, or do you like it?

I made it an early night because we both worked that day. He worked 10 hours I think, and had plans to work the next day. Neither of us made it to midnight, LOL. I do find it curiously odd that he hasn't asked my last name. What do ya'll think?

I've come to the conclusion after the 3rd date that he's lost interest. Why do I think that? He went from calling and texting practically every day to not. Add to it, he said he would call on two different occassions and didn't.

Here's another question my BFF and I have pondered: Why do the ones we like disappear, and the ones we want to go away hang on like a bad disease?

Stitchy Stuff
Amazed. Flattered. Proud. Surprised. Yeah, I'm all of those things whenever someone makes a random posting and I find out that my "stuff" is being featured on websites I'd never heard of. I recently found out that my tutorials are being featured on the Designers Forum! How cool is that??

I put in a few hours of stitching on JG (Hey Nancy, are you listening?!). Right now I'm working on one of four stork motifs that are stitched over-one. Talk about tedious!! I even took some pics of my progress. My last update, it looked like THIS. Here's what it looks like now, after 122½ hours:

This is the last week of my free-wheeling vacation from school. Classes start back up next week. :( It was fun while it lasted, though!

Present For Me!

Since I have no SO in my life, I bought myself a Christmas/early Birthday present. :) It's a 320GB Western Digital My Passport (gloss cobalt blue) portable hard drive. I'm going to use it to backup my files (mostly photos), organize them, and then burn them to CD's or DVD's.

This thing is so tiny, it's amazing... It fits into a pocket!
Height: 6/10"
Length: 5"
Width: 3"
Weight: less than 1/2 lb.

Very sleek and it contains data encryption software. :D Can you tell I'm a techno geek, as well?

More Bathroom "Stuff"
With a heading like that, I bet you're wondering: "What's she going to talk about now?!" LOL What started out as a simple task, turned into SO much more. I decided to re-caulk the shower surround and tub on Friday night. Then I decided since I was already caulking, I might as well remove the old, nasty stuff on the outside of the tub by the linoleum on the floor. Suffice to say that whoever put in the linoleum did a crappy job and in some places there's a gap of 1/2" that needed to be filled with caulk. Even so, it looks 100 times better than it did before.

On Saturday, I got the "bright" idea to replace the painted over and starting to rust hinges of the bathroom cabinet. I bought new hinges and took the cabinet doors off. Then decided I couldn't put the doors back on without repainting them (everything in my house needs repainted!). I primered them.

Did I mention the window in the tub/shower area? No??? Well, it needed re-caulking too. So yes, I caulked... and primered the trim and ledge for it also.

The paint on the trim around the bathroom door has been peeling since I moved here. In some places it was showing off the harvest gold color underneath. Ahh, yes... "beautiful". However, the polka-dot yellow and white just wasn't doing *it* for me. What could I do but to primer THAT, too?!? I have one piece of trim to do behind the door where the hinges are, and then I can do the actual painting.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Homestead Chronicles!


Linda said...

And you know....Home Depot becomes your destination of choice for years to come.

Anonymous said...

It's all in how the guy handles the whole door thing. "May I...?" goes over much better than "Let me..." which I will generally concede as an attempt at being chivalrous. "Take my hand" or saying nothing at all does annoy me, though.

JG is looking great!

CJ said...

Congrats on being part of the Designer's Forum. As for men, "who knows". I always told myself that if something should happen to DH, I would be content to live the rest of my days without another man in my life.

Loved you homestead update. Have a great day and please keep warm.


Carolyn NC said...

Personally, I love the fact that a guy will open doors. Whether you want him to or not is moot; you can always let him know in a nice way that you'll do it. Shows he's got some class. Sorry that he seems to be disappearing.
JG is beautiful; nice update.
You are a glutton for punishment for taking on tasks! But eventually your house will be the way you want it.:)

Kathy said...

Now that you have all that experience in caulking would you come and take care of mine? LOL
Nice progress on JG. This will be stunning when it's done.

Kristin said...

I always love it when men hold doors for me.

Congrats on your pieces being featured on that web site.

Louisiana Momma said...

Ok you know I love to read your dating stories too - sometimes making me miss dating.. sometimes making me glad I am no longer in the game :-)

Door opening - LOVE it! Anything gentleman-like I adore.. I have to admit it makes me feel more like a woman, and I suspect makes them feel more like a man.. in this day and age women are always tooting the independant woman horn at this type of stuff, but then want to get offended when the man expects them to pay for dinner one night... people always want the benefits of both ways of doing things.. I think door opening and stuff like that is polite and respectful.

I wouldn't write the guy off just yet, you don't know what's going on with him right now.. maybe something at work (especially when he's been working a lot of hours) or family.. but if the trend continues - you might keep an eye open and keep your options open either way..sometimes it's good for them to know (subtly of course) that they aren't the only player in the game.

I think that thing about the losers hanging on for dear life is the age old dilemma.. I truly believe in something I heard, men are like dogs - they smell fear or desperation (in which case they tend to scare off - not suggesting that is your problem of course), and KNOW when you aren't interested,and then treat you like a fox on the hunt.. to conquer you. Sometimes just knowing your are interested scares them bc they may be commitment phobes and know what "comes next".. but I tell you what - the right one stays put and no matter what will be there.. the rough part is weeding thru the rest of them. But the one you like that gets away - count yourself lucky that you didn't waste more time on him.

That asian piece you are working on is coming along nicely.. I haven't worked up the courage to work on anything but aida (but admitly I have plenty of linen and such in my stash)..

Lord I have written a book :-)


Donna said...

Where to start? Well, I love men who open doors for me. And I don't know why the ones we like don't call us back and the ones we don't like become stalkers for life. And OCD comes to mind when I hear all the things you are doing in your bathroom. I am like that too.
The stitching is beautiful and I have a link to Designer's Forum on my stitching for a cure blog. I noticed that your tutorials were there! That just shows what a great teacher you are!

Rene la Frog said...

After 30 years of marriage my sweet DH still opens the door for me and I still love it.

JG looks fantastic, nice to see you working on it again.

I see you having your own home improvement show on TLC :oD

Maggie said...

Your 'i'll just do this little bit' sounds like mine, it always leads to something else, lol.

I LOVE to have doors opened for me, i would be very offended if a man did not open a door for me, i think it's only polite and i think they must feel such a fool when some woman gives them that 'look' that say's 'i'm quite capable thank you!' of course we are more than capable but i would open the door for anyone, male or female that was juggling bags/pushchair or whatever, so i think it just comes down to manners. Perhaps your new date has been caught up in work and that's why he's not been in touch, could be a number of reasons.

Your WIP is looking good, look forward to seeing more.

Maggie x

sales said...

I don't mind men opening doors and things but I usually walk in front and don't think to let them have a chance to open the doors :) Of course I had on friend who was very proper and insisted that he open doors and things. It became a game to see who could get to the door first!
Your stitching is wonderful. I really am going to have to get one of those Mandala's.

Robyn in Oz said...

If someone opens a door or other, I'll always say 'thank you', it's still nice. You've been one very busy lady around the home & still find time to stitch. JG is looking good!

~~~Melinda said...

Love the WIP. Have u sent the guy a text or called him? Sometimes they chase for awhile and then want to see if you are interested in them. You ar so handy around the house! My garage needs clearing so come on down to TX to escape the snow LOL I have to brag that I changed the kitched facuet this weekend.

becky said...


My tub needs chaulking too. My husband at the time we were dating, could barely remember my first name, so he didn't ask the last name until he could throw away the post-it notes. Yes, you read it right, he had my name on post-it notes all over. He moved back with his parents when he got divorced. So, my name was even on a post-it note on the bathroom mirror. But at least I can say he knows my name now. But other people he still has a hard time remembering names. And once in a blue moon he will open the door of the car for me. Then I just stand their in disbelief that he did it, then he says aren't you going to get in the car. I come back to reality and get in. But its nice when he thinks of doing it. The sun was shining here today, I think it got to 26 degrees. Wow yesterday was 36. Heat wave. lol.

Becky J

Patricia Cecilia said...

Ah, Meari, don't worry about the man issue. When the right one comes along, it will be right. DH and I get a big kick out of how we met and what led up to it (particularly me saying, Look, God, I'm NOT interested in a man until--maybe--after I get tenure--I just want to take care of DS and I and I don't need the trouble--so what happens, the right guy happens to be teaching where I'm moving, and funny things happen...)

Enjoy the gentlemanliness; you obviously can already "bring home the bacon..." and caulk and prime (smart girl!) and paint!

JG is coming along quite nicely. I haven't broken out any of my Chatelaines yet (they are just stash, not even PILLs).

Happy New Year!

Dr. P

Terri said...

Great stitching. As for men and football in most men that's programed in some they don't care but those ones are rare lol.. About him not calling you not sure what to think about taht either. Great Idea on getting the external drive. I'm still thinking of doing that as most of the stuff I have is on the flash drive. Also great reno's. Best time to do them is when it's cold.

Patricia said...

Door opening is a sign of respect and I think we need more respect from men so take all you can get!

Your progress on your stitching looks awesome!

Your Home chronicles always amaze me and helps me get motivated to do my own stuff so keep it up girl your TOPS!

Sharon said...

I like guys opening doors! Anyway, maybe your friend was hoping for a little more by your third date if you get my drift. Then when he doesn't get that signal-there goes his interest!

You are defintely wonderful at home improvement-wish it could be me. Love Japanese Garden-looks beautiful!

Kathryn said...

You know what they say about houses: "Owning a house means never having to say, 'You're finished'". When we get back to Nevada next week I will work on the two leaking toilets, but I think I will need a plumber for the leaking faucet of the bathtub. It has to be warmer to replace the broken window (double pane and only the outer pane cracked) and to cut down the trees damaged by the snow. Then a professional again to check the damaged tiles on the roof and install the new dishwasher. If it was just paint and a screwdriver I could do it, but more than that -- professionals.

Kathryn said...

I can't count the hours, especially on Chatelaine patterns, or I would never start them at all. Still, they are beautiful.

I am at MacWorld this week. TONS of geeky stuff to fondle (and maybe even a few bits to buy!)

Deborah said...


Stitching is fabulous, as well as your home repair!! Your repairing is as chronic as my cleaning and reorganizing, however, I could use some serious advice on caulking. Marble on my vanity top is in bad need!! But, hey you are dealing with the ex-Mrs. Duct Tape!! However, I have found he outdid himself with the duct tape with my toilet!! I have found the he just added a Porta-Potty frame over the regular toilet for added height!! Okay, not the greatest, but I guess it works!! However, that dumb-A$$ has the Porta Potty frame BUNGEE CORDED to the toilet exterior!! Now, that one takes it all!!
And, for men, any woman looking for a husband has certainly NEVER had one!!
And, furthermore, you know what I have repeatedly told you: Men are just like buses!! Another one always comes along!!
Relax!! Enjoy!! You have things pretty well!!
Love & Hugs!!
and Miprezious, too!!

Milly~ said...

Sounds like date #3 went well. I'm with you...I like a man who opens doors.

Lucy said...

My husband always opens doors and many times helps me put my coat on. I absolutely love it...love it!!!! (my ex did none of that!)

Nancy said...

Ok, late as usual! But here I am...3rd date sounded good. Have you tried initiating any contact since then? And as far as football goes, if you don't like his interest in it, either dump him or accept it, it never goes away and it's not worth the arguments.Take that advice from experience! Love the over 1! You were doing that when I was there and it's awesome. I love anything stitched in miniature! As long as both of us work on our Chatelaines once a week, we should get done eventually. Now the bathroom thing....couldn't have been that bad, as I did NOT notice any of that being necessary. But I guess you see it every day and just do what makes you happy! OH and I like the man to open the doors. I sometimes get ticked that Carl will walk in front of me. But it's not worth the battle. You take the good with the bad! LOL I will also open doors for older people, or those who look like they need the help. Sorry for the essay! I wrote more in this reply than I do in my own blog! Jeez.....

glenda said...

I think you should text him and see what happens. Maybe he doesn't think you are interested in him?? Men are weird and you must be direct or they just stare and drool.
Your over-one looks grand! nice stitching :)

Anonymous said...

Meari - Personally, I love it when a man (or boy) opens the door for me. I always try to give them a genuine smile and say thank you. But then, I like my man to act like a man and not a whipped pup. Guess I'm kind of old fashioned that way. So sorry that this guy hasn't called back in a while. Maybe life is getting in the way? Dating is so hard. I don't miss it a bit. Hope you hear from him soon.
Pam K. :o)

Sonda in OR said...

I like it when men open the doors and at least offer to help carry something heavy. I don't always ask for help.

I think you ought to text or call the guy. If he doesn't respond, write him off. A guy I knew decided not to call a girl again because she said "Call me, if you want to..." after he sent her flowers. He decided she wasn't interested. You never know about other folks, guy or girl.

Debra said...

You do keep yourself busy. Good to hear you are stitching on that hugh piece.
Debra in Indiana

Susancnw said...

I love it when they open doors. We taught our boys to open doors for women and older people (male and female. There is nothing in the world wrong with plain old manners. When a man opens the door for me, I figure he assumes that I am perfectly capable of opening a door and does it anyway. I appreciate it! I do have to remind them at times, but they take off their hats inside also...usually. Sometimes I let it go, but they generally remember. And I appreciate it. I expect them to open the door for me and their sisters.

DH still opens the car door for me and I try to remember to thank him every time and just not presume on it. I like it and so does he.