Jun 18, 2009

The 25-Step Program


1) Brush twice a day.

2) Dress according to the weather.

3) Visit the dentist regularly.

4) Get plenty of rest.

5) Make sure your hair is dry before going outside.

6) Eat right.

7) Get some sun once in a while.

8) Always wear a seatbelt.

9) Limit alcohol consumption.

10) Smile! It'll make you feel better.

11) Don't overindulge yourself.

12) Bathe regularly.

12) Read to exercise the brain.

14) Surround yourself with friends.

15) Stay away from too much caffeine.

16) Use the bathroom regularly.

17) Get plenty of exercise.

18) Have your eyes checked.

19) Eat plenty of vegetables.

20) Believe people will like you for who you are.

21) Forgive and forget.

22) Take lots of vacations.

23) Celebrate all special occasions.

24) Pick up a hobby.

25) Love your neighbor as yourself.


Cynthia ( Cynimin) said...

That is the cutest!

cowgirlfromhanna said...


Anonymous said...

Awww! So cute and gorgeous!

Ranae said...

Awww! Thanks for the biggest bestest smile, despite the bad storms that are moving through

Rene la Frog said...

Those are just too cute

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

To fun, thanks for the laugh. CJ ok;-)

CindyMae said...

Those we great! Thanks for sharing!

EvalinaMaria said...

So adorable! Thanx for the smile.

mom2manyblessings said...

LOL That was adorable!!

stitcherw said...

I loved this, the pictures of all the animals were sooo cute, and the captions were perfect. I've seen some like this before, but not this one. Thanks for the smile for the day.