Jun 1, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 6/1/09

Thanks for all the well wishes regarding my "sicky" situation. I thought I was getting better, since the fever broke on Saturday. I "drugged up" with cold and allergy meds and felt fine until Sunday afternoon. I woke up this morning with sinus and chest congestion, coughing... plus all the allergy symptoms. Fun stuff. NOT! Feeling crappy and looking crappy, I trudged my way to work.

This time it's not about me, but about my niece who graduated HIGH SCHOOL! Where does the time go??

It seems like yesterday she was a little girl.

Here she is... a proud big sister.

Now she's a high school graduate
on her way to college for pre-med.
I am so proud of her.

2009 DHS Graduating Class

Wouldn't you all agree that stitchers have the biggest hearts?

A while back, I showed off the fabric postcard Wanda from Canada sent me. On Mother's Day, I took it (along with my recent "finishes") to show my Mom. My Mom practically snatched the postcard out of my hand (LOL)! Being that she's asian, she (like me) loves anything of asian design. She wanted to keep my postcard and frame it. I swear she was coveting that thing, LOL. When I got home, I emailed Wanda with my "cute" Mom story. Wanda then offered to send my Mom a fabric postcard... Isn't that just the sweetest thing??? One day, my Dad walked into the house asking my Mom, "Are you Meari's mom?" I could picture the entire scene in my head as my mother was sharing the story with me. My Mom answers my Dad, "Yeah...?" Then he handed over the postcard, and of course my mother was ecstatic. She has it proudly displayed in one of her china hutches. Thank you Wanda, for making my Mom's day!

Last week, I received some good stitchy mail. Just more proof that stitchers are the best! Courtney in LA came across a tutorial to make one of these. Knowing I'd like it, she said she just HAD to make one for me. Isn't it adorable?

In another package, I received a handmade card from Shelley in CA thanking me for teaching a recent online mailart class. She also included several skeins of linen threads that were on my wishlist. Thank you, Shelley!

Since I worked out of town two days last week, I was able to make a lot of progress on Oriental Kimono. It's starting to look like an actual kimono:

Lastly, I have a finish to show off! I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

Quaker Pin Cube
Designer: Anita, Stitch-Creations
Time: 7 hours to stitch
Fabric: 28ct Antique White Monoco Evenweave
Fibers: Carries Creations, DMC


Curious minds want to know, right? I've had numerous requests to see what this "new guy" looks like. He's told me it's OK to show his pic on my blog, so here goes. Sorry, Christine... not showing the pic with me in it! This is "new guy" in his work truck. Isn't he adorable, handsome, HOT (LOL, any of those work, right?)? :)

Each year after the Get Fit Challenge, my coworker hosts a Pork Chop BBQ for the employees involved with the challenge. I took "new guy" as my guest. I was to take a dish to pass so I thought he was it. LOL, kidding! He volunteered to make the dish to pass (What a guy!): Chocolate Pie! Of course, I had to have a piece. It was really yummy. :) Considering there were at least 5 desserts to choose from, and only two pieces of his pie leftover... I'd say he did good.

While a few of us ladies were cleaning up the dishes, the hostess pulled me aside and told me how nice he is. Today at work, she and another coworker gave rave reviews about how good looking he is and how considerate he was. I'd say he got a big thumbs up from the coworkers!

And finally, "new guy" said he *had* to get me this....

... because it matched the necklace. Isn't it pretty?


Mel said...

what a ring! It's lovely. and new man is very nice looking. ;) Excellent catch.
Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.
Your finish is just sooo cute! :)
You always have such great updates.
I hope you continue on the road to recovery and look forward to the next update.

Emily said...

You got some great things in the mail, the cube looks great, and love the colors. Finally get to see the new guy. Well, my but isn't he handsome. You are one lucky gal.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What great news!! All of it except the being sick part, that is!! "New Guy" is indeed a looker! Woohoo!!! Such a sweet guy and handsome too! I have to give him a thumbs up too!! mmmm mmmmm!

Pam K :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Meari,
I'm sorry you had a sicky weekend, but just look at what a HUNK the man in your life is. The ring is Beautiful, but don't you think it's time for your readers to see a pic of you too? It's always good to put a face with the writer. Hace a Great Week.
See you in the S&S Group.

CJ said...

Meari -

He is very handsome. He even has the hairline and facial hair like my hubby so he must be GREAT!!

The ring is fabulous!! Your cube is outstanding. Will you be hosting a cube making class some time in the near future??

Hope you are feeling better soon. I had the sinus stuff last week and it took about 5 days to feel normal again.

Take it easy GF, I will be thinking about you.


Nancy in IL said...

OMG, Meari! Your niece is not only highly intelligent, she's gorgeous! I KNOW how proud you are. There were so many things I wanted to comment on, but I'll keep it short. Beautiful ring and necklace! As for his looks, yes, he's very good-looking, but the first thing I thought when I saw him was that he looks like a nice person, so I was glad someone asked you about that. That is so important. He's just got it all. And if you don't tell me where the kimono pattern came from, I'm going to dog you till you do. Not even my taste, but I love, love, love it!

Ranae said...

Fabulous Cube finish.
Wow! Can you bring him with us to Welcome Stitchery the next time, like next week, lol just kidding
Pretty ring
get feeling better soon

Ranae said...

Oh yeah! Congratulations to your niece, She is very pretty

valerie said...

Whoa, a ring?! Do I hear wedding bells before the end of the year?! ;-) He's a cutie...love the goatee! It sounds like there's been a lot going on. Graduation...can't believe you have an 18 year old niece! Congrats to her. BBQ...yummy food. And the quaker cube came out darling! Hope you feel better...don't go running yourself ragged. Your body is telling you you need a little break.

Lou's addictions said...

WOW what a generous guy. hope your feeling better soon.

5footrunt said...

I wonder when "new guy" will stop being "new guy" and we'll finally get a name, lol. He is very handsome and he seeems to fit into your life very well. As far as being sick I am in the same boat as you. I stayed off the comupter as much as possible in the begining of the week and still don't feel right. Hopefully it will go away for the both of us.

EvalinaMaria said...

Get well girl! Congrats on the cube - lovely finish as always. Thank you for sharing pics of your nice and I think the "new guy" is a keeper... sounds like he is very thoughtful and caring.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Great post, it had a little of everything including a hot love interest. LOL Congrats to your niece. The little doll with the coin is very cute and I love your cube finish. I had to rush over and study how it was made. And the ring is lovely, He's cute, cooks and gives gifts, is he for real? You deserve it all. CJ ok;-)

Kristin said...

Sweet, kind, giving, and HOT! I'd say you have a keeper there my dear!

Kathryn said...

After all those Bad Dates (especially the ones who Won't Go Away), you deserve a hot, considerate, intelligent guy. I think he has passed way beyond "new". All best wishes to your niece. I am all for higher education. Hope she gets all the way through med school. And lovely stitching, a bonus!

Donna said...

Ditto on what everyone else has said. It made my heart jump when I read your blog. I am so, so happy for you.
Your stitching is as always beautiful.
And yes, new guy is HOT!

Mary said...

OMG so much to comment here. First of all congrats to your niece. She looks so excited. I wish her well going off to college.

Second, that was very nice of Wanda to send a mail art to your mom. Will we get to see a picture of it?

Third, Courtney's present is really cute and also the homemade card from Shelley. And your Kimono is really coming along fast.

Fourth, the pin cube came out awesome. I love the colors.

Fifth... OMG he is sooo handsome. He was so great to make the dessert for the BBQ. I'm glad your coworkers gave him the thumbs up. I have to say it again... he is so cute.

And finally... OMG what a beautiful ring. Isn't it great when guys give you things for no reason in particular.

Wow.... Hugs! :-)

Terry said...

WOW! You may have been sick but you had an awesome week!! Love the ring and the idea that he got it for you because it matched the necklace. In case I haven't said it enough.... He's a KEEPER!! LOL

Mary said...

First off, great things in the mail! Secondly, he's cute and he sounds like a keeper! Ummm, is there earrings next? Seriously, what a wonderfully nice guy! Congrats!

Carol said...

Oh My!! New guy is a keeper! That is a lovely ring!

Janine said...


What they said above.

Your niece is stunning and congratulations to her for doing so well.

The stitchy stuff is fantastic and I think I might need to make that cube as well. I have been following your progress with this.

What a gorgeous looking guy. I am so happy for you finding this man. I feel so lucky to be able to hear about your dates etc with him.

As always it is a pleasure to read your blog.

Carolyn NC said...

Girl - new guy looks and sounds like a winner!!!! He's a cutie for sure and it's a beautiful ring. Glad things are going well for you two, even though you're still sick. Get well! Your niece is beautiful - great pics!

Carolyn NC said...

Forgot the stitching! - Great job on the cube - love the little felt girl and your kimono!

Srinity said...

There's so many great things in your life now! Congratulations to your niece. She looks so happy in that photo!
I'd like to know where to find the tutorial for the Geisha, it's so cute!
Lovely card from Shelley and the kimono stitching looks great. So does the cube! AND the new guy! :D
He sounds like a good guy too.
And that that ring...Wow!

Chiloe said...

I would have nver dared asked so I'm pleased someone did it for me !!! lol He's a cutie ;-) Should I say it's even weirder that he's not taken yet !!! lol I wish you the best for both !!!

Your niece is a cutie as well ;-) and a smartie pant !!! I hope everything will go well for her in college ;-)

Gabi said...

Gosh....what an update. Cube is cute, niece is adorable...stash great.
And "new guy" is HOT. He baked a cake, got you a ring, looks cute and handsome, is spoiling you rotten, and GOSH....he IS a keeper. You should give him now a better name. He's not the "new guy" anymore. He's Meari's guy!!! Girl I'm so glad for you. You deserve it to find happiness! And it looks a lot as if YOUR guy is bringing just that into your life. For that he deserves a hug from an Australian lady who is over the moon about that all. Gosh I LOVE LOVE LOVE romantic stories. Keep them going.

CindyMae said...

Congrats to you niece, she is such a beautiful young lady! All your stitchy goodies and things you have received are fantastic!! Wonderful progress on your stitching and I just LOVE the way that the Quaker Cube turned out! IT is fantastic!

"New Guy" is a hottie! That ring is gorgeous! It is sounding more and more like this guy just might be a keeper!

Lucy said...

I am so behind in reading blogs, Meari, but I had to take a jump over to yours to meet the new guy!! Wow....ya done good, girlfriend...good luck!

Shari said...

love the quaker cube! So pretty!!!!
All of the stitchy stuff looks great!
Congrats to your neice!
New guy looks like a keeper & that ring is beautiful!!!!

Shelleen said...

the ring is beautiful and your new guy sure is a keeper and nice looking as well.

Rene la Frog said...

Your niece is beautiful! They grow up so fast.

Love your cube, it really came out nice.

I really think the new guy is a keeper for sure, the ring is lovely.

Moreen said...

Your cube is gorgeous.
What a pretty girl your niece is and I love the ring

too_busy_to_stitch said...

I so hope that you're feeling better Meari! That ring, and your man, look lovely!! Love the stitchy bits and pieces too.

Nancy said...

Ok, give the *new guy* a name already!!!! Have you let him look at your blog yet? Cube is great. Niece is beautiful and way to go for the premed thing! Wanda is so thoughtful, I'm sure your mom will treasure it always!!! My mailart arrived in Australia, no worse for traveling too! Love the ring, looks very similar to what I got this year!

Louisiana Momma said...

wow... a lot of people think a whole lot of you! I am a firm believer that you get back what you send out into the world.. most of the time.. right about now Im wondering who I ticked off to have such yucky stuff going on.. but anywho.. all your finishes are great.. the cube is a adorable.. and matches perfectly with my decor :-) I love that quaker look. Oh and I was so glad you took a pic of that pin.. I was so excited to get it in the mail I forgot to..

Oh and the bf - GIRLFRIEND - he is HANDSOME!! And a ring!! how BEAUTIFUL.. It makes my heart truly glad to see that perhaps you found the guy lucky enough to deserve you :-)

Vickie said...

Wow..beautiful Ring. Mr. Wonderful is a cutie. Love the stitching!!

glenda said...

sheesh! where do i start? Love the cube, so delicate. Your new guy looks like a nice man - doesn't look like a serial killer (i wonder what they look like?).
what a lovely ring. he is certainly spoiling you - fun isn't it?? I'm glad you have someone to treat you with the respect and caring that you deserve. Live it up!!!

Mary Ivancicts said...

The new guy is wonderful! How wonderful for your niece, how happy for her family! Love the ring!
What is his name?

Barbara said...

Congrats to your gorgeous niece. I am sure you're very proud of her. Love. love, love the Quaker pin cube!!! Yep, new guy is a real hottie and he's a nice person too. You've found a real winner here, Meari. Very happy for you. The ring is lovely. I'm finally beginning to catch up on my blog reading. ;-)
Barb in TX