Apr 5, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 4/5/2010

It's been some crazy weather we're having! One day it's 85F, and two days later temps are down to 60. One day it's sunny and spring/summer-like, a few days later we're threatened with severe storms with hail. Today is sunny and 70's with expected thunderstorms tonight.

I've *almost* finished another line on LK's ABC Lessons:

When I walked around the corner of my house, I saw this:

Of course I *had* to run back in the house to get my camera. This guy has been very brave. He comes right up on my back step, and does scamper away as fast as I'd expect. He just sat on the stump the entire time I was photographing him... eating his nut.

Then I walked around another corner of my house and I saw this:

My daffodils are just starting to bloom and the tulips will be opening soon. More and more periwinkles are blooming. Guess what?! I saw my *first* robin over the weekend. :) In my book, spring is officially here!


Carolyn NC said...

Oooh - love the little squirrel and one lone flower! Your weather sounds like ours. Stitching looks good!

Mel said...

That is a fat looking squirrel! ;)
But cute.

LK is looking good!! :)

Emily said...

What a fat squirrel, he must get fed well for his bravery.

Debra said...

Nice progress and love your other pictures.

Rene la Frog said...

Our weather has been crazy too. Last week we went from the low 80's on Tues to mid 50's on Thurs.

The stitching looks good...nice progress.

Carol said...

Isn't spring wonderful?!

Katrien said...

Your ABC looks great.
Love the pic of the squirrel!

Anonymous said...

That is one chubster of a squirrel. LOL

Kelly said...

Your stitching is lovely Meari and what a chubby wubby squirrel he is lol, a great photo!

Nancy M said...

We came back from vacation and all the daffodils on the west side have flowered! I need to cut some and bring them inside.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Ah - love the squirrel - we love to see lots of them in The Netherlands when we're on holidays! Looks like Spring has sprung (finally!) :)

glenda said...

Looking good!