Feb 10, 2014

Marvelous Monday Update 2/10/14

It's pretty sad when the temperatures get into the 20's, people here say, "It's pretty warm out today!" LOL, amazing how perspective changes when there's weeks of subzero temperatures.


 The colder temps have created some gorgeous sunrises.

A new term was coined at work:  Tunnels of Terror.  This is a view from the front windshield of my car.  See how high the snowbanks are?  Normally, I can see cornfields, bean fields, and farms.  Now, nothing but snowbanks.  This one is actually pretty good because both lanes are fully cleared.  There have been times I've driven to work where half my lane was covered in snow and ice.


Over the weekend, my area received another 4" of the light fluffy stuff.  My snowblower barely throws the snow up and over the banks of snow on the side of my drive way.

My ort bag was quite full, so I pulled out all the orts resulting from 2013 stitching.  I was surprised at how many snippets there were:

(As you can see, Froggie insisted on sneaking into the photo!)
I have two new starts this week.  The first is You Are So Loved by Snowflower Diaries.  If you look at the original design, you'll notice I have changed the colors.

The second start is N is for Nurse by Sweetheart Tree.  It will be a pretty quick stitch once I finish the nurse.  You can see the over-one stitching on her hands and face if you click on the image.

More BFC arrived in last week's mail.  I received an adorable card from Sue and Peanut (who is her "baby" chihuahua).

The sweet "SM" (surrogate Mom) that she is,
she also sent a couple of gifts for me:

Thank you for being so thoughtful, Sue!
Japanese Garden saw some progress, too.  I finished all the lazy daisy stitches for the bamboo stalks at the 9 o'clock bridge.  (Never thought I'd get them finished!)  Here's what it looked like before:

And now: 
Random Acts of Kindness
Did you know Feb 10-16 is Random Act of Kindness Week?  I plan on doing a RAK at least once day for the entire week.  What about you?  Next week, I will post the kindnesses I did.
Until then,


Berly said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow! Stay safe & warm! Your stitching is beautiful! sue did a great job with your birthday!

Shirla said...

Reading your blog helps get my "muse" back. I have been away from stitching or any type of needlework for awhile so I am trying to get motivated to get back on track. Thank you for showing your work. Love to see what others are doing.
Shirla Ghadaki

Lee said...

BRRRRR! It's been really cold here, too and can I tell you how tired I am of shoveling snow? Thanks for sharing your stitching photos. Everything looks great!

Sue said...

Hi sweetie, WOW! they are some snow banks...lol.... actually, we are supposed to get snow this afternoon, tomorrow and Wednesday; not much, but snow, none the less.

Your stitching looks beautiful! Isn't that snow diaries piece a freebie? I think I have that downloaded. The JG is just magnificent; cannot wait to see the finish. That is a lot of 'orts'....you should put them in one of the plastic clear Christmas balls and hang it on your tree this year.

You are more than welcome for your birthday present; you certainly deserve it; I am just sorry it was so late. :(

Sue your SM

Katie said...

Our area is the same with snow. Love your stitching. The garden piece is really growing.

Vickie said...

Yuck, I know. Same here. Nothing but white. You are very correct that the sunrises have been awesome. I agree with Maxine. ;)

Anonymous said...

Good morning Meari! I know what you mean about it being warm when it's in the 20s - that's where we are, too. It's supposed to hit 31 today, so I'm looking forward to that. :) Your 4" of powder was about 1" by the time it made it here....just enough to have to brush off the cars.

Karin in MA

Vicky L said...

It looks you driving in a snow tunnel. It is beautiful. Great starts on your new projects. The nurse is going be beautiful. JG is lookjng good with the daisy stitches. Daisy stitches was the first specialty stitch I learned when I was 13 years old. Have a great week!

Faith... said...

That is a Tunnel of Terror! I can just imagine it when the wind is blowing. Love the chart Sue sent you. You made great progress on JG!

Pam in IL said...

I love how we actually got 4-5 inches on Saturday, but officially they say it's only 2 inches. I say "they" can come and shovel at my house, lol. Just think back to last fall when 60F felt cold after our summer weather. Wouldn't 60F be so wonderful now!

I have the Snowflower Diaries design waiting to be stitched too. JG is looking great!

CJ said...

Brrrrrr! Great starts. Be safe and keep warm. CJ

Scooty said...

All I can say, is get busy building your ark because all of that snow will eventually melt! Thank heaven for Arizona - Judi in Phoenix

Lonneke said...

That is a lot of snow!
Your stitching looks great.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I am FED up of winter! How about you?

Carol said...

UGH! I feel the same way about the snow, Meari, and we don't even has as much as you! Will it ever stop falling? Just when it feels like we're getting a break, we get dumped on again!!

Such pretty stitching--can't wait to see the You are Loved all finished up. That is such a sweet design.

Hang in there with this winter weather--it has to end some day :)

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of RAK week. I'm going to join in too. Off to get some Valentine's Day cards....whistling, or at least trying too.

I'm a faithful follower of your Japanese Garden. I keep wondering what's going to be within the black lines near the branches you just put in. Do you have any idea of how many hours you have stitched on it?


Jennifer M said...

Meari your stitching looks great as always:) I know exactly what your fed up with about this winter and snow. Finally sounds like a warm up in the near future and we will take it! Thanks for sharing the info about RAK week, it's always nice to do and receive them-I think we can use more of them in this world these days:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari, glad to see its warming up? Hope the spring is too bad, I know the flooding can be worse. Your projects, Thinking Positive and Japanese Garden look great! and happy belated Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Your drive to work looks very much like my drive to work! I'm so sick of snow!

Carol S. (in Minnesota, where I'm eagerly awaiting a temperature of above zero tomorrow)

Unknown said...

That is a lot of snow. We are in the same boat. Spring will be here soon! Beautiful stitching! Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching looks great. Enjoy the "warmer" temperatures!

Linda M

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of snow and we seem to have similar amounts here in Ontario, Canada and am tired of it.

Lovely progress on your WIPs.


Chris said...

Tunnel of Terror sums that up. What a crazy winter so many places are having.
Lovely stitching progress.
Stay safe and warm!

Anonymous said...

Meari -

Sounds like some great things in the mail! Your Japanese Garden looks great!


Unknown said...

We usually get so much snow here in Syracuse New York - and compared to you - we have none. We are below are average in snow, but the cold is a killer.

Thank you for sharing about the RAK week - I missed yesterday - but am sure I can find opportunities for the rest of the week.

Anonymous said...

hi Meari,

happy Monday to you and thank you for a delightful start to my day, I've just browsed your blog and am impressed with your stitchy progress this week, love your colour choice for the Snowflower design, makes yours really individual. Well done.

we've snowdrops rather than snow here in south Devon although we have seen plenty of rain throughout January. However the sun is making a welcome visit so today's the day to catch up with the washing and ironing before picking up a needle later this afternoon.

happy stitching Sandra N in sunny Torquay

Lyn said...

Meari, We have a huge amount of snow here too, for Central Illinois, but you beat us for sure. I heard that this is the sixth worst winter since they started keeping records. I believe it! One woman told me it hadn't snowed this much here since 1982. They are saying we have a 50% chance of more snow on Valentine's Day.

Your projects look great! I had no idea that this was RAK week, thanks for letting me know!

The project of a nurse, where did you get it? My daughter Sarah, is studying to be a nurse, and I wanted to do something for her.

Anonymous said...

You sure are getting more than your fair share of snow this year. Here's hoping that you get some warmer weather soon.
Your projects are all looking great!!!!
Betty in AZ (ILCS)