Feb 21, 2014

Stitch From Stash - February

It's that time of the month again.... Time to report on the Stitch From Stash challenge coordinated by Mel at Epic Stitching.  The idea is (obviously) to stitch from our stash to reduce spending.  I also look at it as a way to focus on reducing my accumulation of stash.

Last month, I spent $4.  This month, I didn't do as well.  I succumbed to the Bay of Evil and bought a chart to complete the set I've been wanting to stitch.  Well, actually the set isn't complete because I'm not getting the first chart in the series.  For February, I spent $14.  Are you wondering what I *had* to have?

Sampler Cove has a series of charts called Rhapsody in Red.  Part One is a ribbon sampler.  I have no desire to stitch it, so that's the one I won't be getting.  Above is Part Four.  It completes a series of stitching accessories: a chatelaine, thimble nest, needlebook, and needle threader.

Just because I'm in a sharing mood, I'll show the other parts.  Part Three creates a scissor fob, a pin keep, a tape measure, and a floss box.

All of these charts call for linen and Gloriana silk.  I doubt if I'd splurge to buy Gloriana to stitch all of these accessories.  I'm also debating whether or not I'd do them in red.  So much to think about!  Anywho... onward... Part Two shows you how to create thread winders, a biscornu, and a huswif.

If you've never heard of Sampler Cove, they're from Thailand.  The charts are well designed with very good finishing instructions that include photos.  I'm looking foward to stitching up this series.  The question is... When?

Ok... What did I stitch from stash in February?  I actually started... stitched... and finished!  In a previous post, I showed my finish, You Are So Loved.  I mounted it onto a photo album:

The fabric, floss, and trim were all in my stash.

Incidentally, I had a heck of a time finding photo albums at Walmart!  One would logically think photo albums with be near either 1) photo frames -or- 2) the photo counter.  Were they?  Nope!  They were located in the aisle where party supplies are kept.  *off the soapbox*

I started N is for Nurse.  I'm close to finishing the nurse.  I changed the color of the backstitching because I really didn't like how the original color blended in too much.  The fabric is Khaki Cashel Linen.  It looks gray in the photo, but it's more of a brown/tan color. 

Until the next SFS,


Vicky L said...

You did great! Your new pattern is pretty. Your nurse is coming along. I love how you finished You Are So Loved,

Emily in NC said...

If you only bought one thing you are doing great. Am trying desperately to resist buying an owl ornament kit, cause while I am not officially in the SFS group am still trying to keep from buying.

Joy said...

I ran into that problem in Wal-Mart too. They were by the scrapbook supplies which is next to the party aisle.

Faith... said...

Love your set of charts to stitch! I think you made a great decision to go ahead and buy it!

Love how you finished You Are So Loved. Can I ask you did you mount it on a foam board and then onto the book? thanks

Unknown said...

You're doing much better than me at this. I have lots of patterns but never seem to have either the right frame or the floss so off I go to the store. Congrats on doing so well!

Sue said...

This is great! It is what I need to do, although, I must say I have not bought anything but the Calendar girls from LHN.... on an auto-send.

Your pieces will be wonderfully stitched, I am sure!!!

Love looking :)
Sue your SM

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Congratulations on stitching from your stash....I love the finish and the way that you put it on the front of the Photo Album...that is so neat. I love this one.

Keep on a stitchin....

Happy Stitchin
Linda K, Railroad

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your SFS progress. I love the way you finished You Are So Loved on the photo album. I wouldn't have thought about doing something like that.

Sandy in NM

Sheila said...

Your charts are great. Love the finishing on the photo album.

Anonymous said...


Very nice finish on your photo album, and N is for nurse is coming along nicely. Your thread changes are looking good.

I love the series you are collecting. I have become keen on stitching accessories lately and have started collecting charts for them. Your series is particularly nice, so might have to add it to my collection. I didn't join Stitch from Stash ;) lol


Berly said...

Great job on sticking to your goals! The photo album looks great. Party supplies??? I might have thought crafts since they can be used for scrapbooking!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty Meari. That looks like a lovely gift for someone special.


Sally said...

I love now you finished You Are So Loved. It looks so pretty.

You're still doing well on Stitch fron Stash. You didn't overspend so that's good!

Chris said...

Great job in staying in your stash budget. The Sampler Cove pieces are so pretty.
I love the Snowflower Diaries finish!

Pam in IL said...

Isn't there a carry over on the stitch from stash budget? I've not heard of Sampler Cove either.

Your photo album finish is so cool. I agree with you as far as placement of the albums in the store.

Anonymous said...

Love the way you finished your photos of your nieces.

Your charts are beautiful and never heard of Sampler Cove.

Like the way you finished your photo album and the N.


Shebafudge said...

Congratulations on coming in under budget! Love the charts, they are all pretty.

I would love to know what the logic is behind them being with the party stuff, other than you take photos at parties...bizarre!

Anonymous said...

Looks good Meari, thanks for sharing. I'm going to try finishing up ufo's this year, and/or do only things I have in my stash, which are many kits, etc. Hope your weather is warmer,

hugs, Shirley in KY