Jun 30, 2006

HappyLite Sewing Machine Model 1837

For less than $12 including shipping, I purchased this cute little machine off Ebay. I am now the proud owner of a Montgomery Ward HappyLite Sewing Machine (Model 1837). It is pale pink in color (was also available in turquoise blue), weighs about 8lbs, and has the same dimensions (13W x 10.5H x 5.5D) as the Janome 3125. The Happy Lite uses regular size bobbins, needles, and presser feet. It is designed with a free-arm sewing surface when the extension table is removed. According to the manual, it's capable of sewing delicate, light, medium, and heavy-weight fabrics. When originally shipped from the factory, the following items were included:
  • 3 machine needles
  • Bobbin
  • Felt washer to be placed under the thread spool (missing on mine)
  • Large screwdriver
  • Small screwdriver (missing)
  • Satin stitch foot (missing)
  • Dust cover, which has a little pocket for the manual
  • Manual

I have a full size Kenmore sewing machine that works wonderfully, but I wanted something small that I could use when I had small projects that needed to be done.

The HappyLite does 7 basic stitches, including straight, zig-zag, stretch, and rickrack. It also does reverse stitching. It's also capable of doing buttonholes, but I doubt if I'd use it for that.

This seems to be a well-built little sewing machine with basic capabilities. The only plastic parts are the knobs and the extension table. The only negative to this machine is that there is no task light. I plan on getting it serviced/tuned up and then using it for light sewing. It's also the perfect size to teach my younger nieces how to sew. If anyone has additional information or history on this machine, please let me know. Chances are slim, but I'd really like to find additional accessories such as:
  • straight stitch foot (#2387)
  • narrow hemming foot (#2388)
  • zipper foot (#1028)
  • satin stitch foot (#SM718)
  • automatic buttonholder (#9259)
I have contacted Montgomery Ward and was told that the current owners only own the name and they don't have any information for products that were purchased at Montgomery Ward stores.
I have learned that the machine is possibly 16 years old and may have been manufactured by Happy Industrial Corporation in Japan (The back of the machine says: Made in Taiwan) and sold by Happy America Corp., 4705 Hydraulic Rd, Rockford, IL 61109. The Happy America Corp was established in 1978 in order to sell to Montgomery Ward.

If anyone is in need of a copy of the out-of-print manuals, I have them for sale.  Leave a comment with your email address and I'll get back to you.


Singular Stitches said...

How cute!!

Tanner K. said...

Hi my name is Tanner and my mother bought that along time ago, and I am now using it, she bought it brand new 21 years ago, I have been looking for more info too, there are no accesories, how did you get the extention table, if possible can you email me the instruction manual ???

Cindy said...

Your new machine is so cute..

Sew Cat said...

I'd like to know if you know where I can get a manual and parts for the HappyLite sewing machine. I see you have one that is beautiful. I picked up a model UHTJ1837-01 at a yard sale today. It needs a few parts.

Anonymous said...

My ex boyfriend has my manual and I am in need of some info today. Does the machine need to be oiled and if so where?

Meari said...

Since you didn't leave an email address, I couldn't contact you. There are 16 places that need to be oiled, after you take the top off the machine.

1983 said...

hello my email address is pixie6starr@aol.com i was wondering if u had the manual.. as i see plenty others are wondering as well.. but my cousin just bought this machine at a yard sale as well lol.. fuinny how all these stories are similar.. i googled the name to help her find something about it to know what kind of needles it needs n what not.. since it didnt have a needle.. i am a local fashion designer but i have the new sewing machines but love the fact that shes willing to learn so i tried googling to get some onfo about it and ur page is the only one that came up. help?

thank you very much for your time hon' ,

jane valadez

Kay said...

Do you still have the manual for this machine? I need to get a copy...pls email me at k.klutch@gmail.com.....thank you!

Anonymous said...

I bought me a pink HappyLite today. I purchased it for $15 from our local thrift store. I wasn't sure if it worked, but the worker plugged it up and the motor worked. I got it home and added thread and IT SEWS!!!!

Thanks for the info.


Anonymous said...

I myself have inherited this cute little pink machine and would like to get the extension table and of course the manual as I am a newby to sewing (17) but am willing to learn and would like to know proper way to tread machine and maintenance (oiling etc) on it. my mom has tried to look for parts (we also need the nose cover) but no luck anywhere online (very frustrating).

if anyone can help I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! my e-mail is jyjrodriguez1@att.net

thanks in advance!

Stephanie Hunt said...

hello I am looking the a manual for the happylite sewing machine as well model 1837 thank you

MicheleH said...

Hello, I'm looking for the user manual for this machine. UHT J1837-02. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I bought the sea green one at Montgomery Ward in Tampa or St. Pete, FLA in 1984 or 1985 brand new. I still use it as my only machine and it works fine. I like to sew stretchy fabric, so I buy ball point needles and use the zig zag stitches. I haven't yet got around to buying a walking foot for it. I ran across your blog searching for a walking foot. Anyway, I have all the original stuff, including the manual and warranty, but a friend I lent it to lost the felt washer for under the spool of thread. Lovely to hear that other people get by with good old machines.