Jun 4, 2006

Sighing in Relief... Or is it Frustration?

I can finally breathe somewhat easy. I have managed to write 5 papers, summarize 15 chapters into notes and timelines, and have my presentation in somewhat order. Now all I need to do is review, review, review for the test tomorrow night. Nora Roberts' "Come Away With Me" is excellent to listen to while studying!

Last summer I bought a Pioneer surround system from my old neighbor. Works great... when you can figure it out. It's a complicated system to hook up and if you push the wrong buttons on the remote, there's a good possibility of screwing up the sound coming out of the speakers. TV electronics tech I am not! Someone (either me or my niece) pushed the wrong buttons and no sound was coming out of the surround speakers, just out of the central ones. In addition, I could barely hear it above the hissing background noise. Well, I got tired of hearing the hissing sound so I decided to unhook the surround and hook the DVD player up to the TV. Do ya think I could figure that out?? NO! So now, everything is all disconnected... wires everywhere... and all I can do is watch TV and movies with no sound. Woe is me.

My Neighbor
It's been about 3 months now since my neighbor and her 8yr old grandson moved in. Within those 3 months, the grandson & neighborhood kids have managed to break the rope swing and the tire swing off the play fort in the yard. Mind you, I asked them NOT to play on those things. What really irks me is that they "politely" laid the rope on the floor of the fort for me to find -and- after breaking the tire swing... neatly laid everything beside the fort, without even apologizing or telling me about it! When asked "Who broke the tire swing?", the answer I got is "I don't know." Uh-huh. Shall we talk about the grass mowing? Oh yes, let's! For some illogical, unnamed reason... the neighbor lady mows the back part of the back yard only. She will mow the front part of the backyard right up to the edge of where my car is parked but not the little area in front or beside my side of the porch. Nor does she mow the front yard! I am oh-so itchin to ask why she does that! When I mow, or my neice mows for me, we do the ENTIRE yard. *sigh* Did I mention the constant slamming of doors every time the grandson goes in and out their side of the townhouse? The entire building shakes! And then there's the loud stomping up and down the stairs at all hours of the evening because he hasn't been taught to tread lightly. LOL, sometimes when I get really irritated with this I will intentionally and very loudly stomp up and down the stairs. (Naughty, ain't I?) Just a few more reasons why I need to find a house of my own.

I have done very little stitching over the past several weeks with the Music in the USA class monopolizing my time. I have decided that after I clean up the kitchen, I am going to sit down and do some! I need to de-stress, I think!