Jun 1, 2006

My Philosophy On Life

Recently, I was talking with a a girlfriend who was having man troubles. Actually, she has "man troubles" with every guy she dates. The way I see it, she tries to become what each guy wants her to be. Eventually, she gets frustrated and the relationship goes downhill. In reality, a woman who doesn't reveal her true self from the get go is going to have troubles. In light of this conversation, I thought I'd share my philosophy on life:

• Honesty, Integrity, & Honor. They are important.

• Live, Learn, Love... What else matters?

• Take me as I am, or don't take me at all.

• I will survive... I may not enjoy it, but I will survive.

• You never know what you get until it's in front of your face. Have fun, but don't overdo it.

• Some of the most extraordinary things can be found in ordinary places and packages. You just have to look for them. Isn't looking half the fun?

• I can be crabby. I can be moody. I can even be depressed. However, self pity is not an option. I'd rather be happy... We can try, but we can't always be that, can we?

• Everyone has the power to make things happen. If you want something done... DO it. If you want to be something.. BE it. The power of change comes from within.


Lovestitch114 said...

I love your philosophy.. it all makes perfect sense!
:) Eileen