Jun 5, 2006

Typical Monday

Typical Monday at work. One person is out on vacation. Her backup got called for jury duty. So I was the only one in the office besides the secretary. I swear every one of my clients called me today... wanting *something*. Since I was covering for two other people plus trying to get my own stuff done, I was in a rush to get everything done before I had to leave early for my class.

That brings me to my class update. As you know from the previous entry, I had a test tonight. 15 short essay questions. There were at least 3 I flew by the seat of my pants. The others I'm confident on. One I didn't have a clue. The instructor wasn't even there! I'll get the results tomorrow night. I hope I at least get a B. Since the instructor wasn't there, we got to leave right after the test.

Since I got to be home early, guess what I did? I worked on Freedom. 81.75 hours into it so far. Remember the stitching I did yesterday? Well, I sat outside in the shade while I stitched. The weather was beautiful! Somehow, I managed to get a sunburn sitting in the shade.