Jun 14, 2006

Am I the Pied Piper?

It was a nice evening, so I decided to take my dog for a walk. I had many encounters as strolled throughout the neighborhood. Ever see a cat and a dog face off? I'm sure you have. Imagine a dog that's smaller than a cat... and who doesn't even know what a cat is. Kitty knows what doggie is, though! Kitty immediately arches his back, hair standing on end, letting off his battle cry yowl topped off with a strong hiss. Celeste stands still about 8" away from Kitty's face. They just stare. I can tell Celeste wants to be friends by the slight wag of her tail as she tries to inch closer. Well, kitty won't have it... no way. Doggie enemy! A few minutes after we continue on, I look to my right and what do I see but a wee tiny face in the window looking back at me. Here was this little baby holding himself (or herself) up to the window ledge and was looking out. Seemed intrigued by me... as all children are (for some reason)... I smiled, which elicited a giggling happy response from baby in the window. How much is the baby in the window?? Oh, wait... it's doggie, isn't it? Farther along on my journey I see an older gentlemen sitting on his front stoop and his doggie hanging out nearby. Couldn't exactly tell if doggie was leashed or not, so I picked up Celeste and carried her. I'd go into hysterics if yet another dog attacked and killed mine! (OK, so I'm an overly protective furbaby mom!) Turns out the other dog was leashed, so it was all good. A little while later, I'm back on my own street. A bunch of tweenie boys hanging out on their bikes in the middle of the street. Like all boys do, they're boasting about how much better "my" bike is than yours and how "I" have a half pipe in my backyard. Oh-la-la! Dont'cha know half pipes are dangerous? Just ask my brother... he had one too. I must've caught the eye of one of the little boys cuz he just stared and stared at me. When I looked at him, he shyly smiled. Awww... isn't that cute? I almost made it home and a little girl across the way came running up to the intersection in front of my house. She yelled across the street, "Can I pet your puppy??" Being the nice lady I am, and a sucker for kids, I walked my dog across the street and let her play with my dog. Yes, I seem to attract the children... just like the pied piper. Doesn't matter where I'm at or how long I spend with them, I seem to make a lasting impression.


Shelleen said...

sounds like a fun walk and not boring that is for sure.