Jun 29, 2006

Stitching Update and a Stitching Meme

Actually this is a non-stitching update: I took a small break from stitching because I had quite a few projects that needed to get framed. As you can see from my previous entry, I framed up the Pot of Flowers – that’s what I’m calling it since I don’t really know anything about my “rescue”. I also custom framed "A Virtuous Woman" for my sister. She “rescued” this one from a consignment shop. She found it all folded up with a big stain in the lower right corner. I actually got the stain to come out! One cool thing about my sister... She recognizes how much time is put into these pieces because she sees how long projects take me to stitch up. The frame ended up being 15x19 in size. A huge monster! I think it turned out wonderful.

I still need to frame LK’s How Does Your Garden Grow. I actually stitched it back in April. Lastly, there’s an Oriental Lady that was stitched in the mid-80’s – Yet another “rescue”. It seems I still have my work cut out for me!

Just what is a Meme??

meme (mem) n. A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

We stitchers are a culture in and of ourselves, aren’t we? Novel concept!

Now for the meme...this one has to do with floss storage:

1. How do you store your floss? – I wind my floss onto bobbins. I use like the cardboard ones even though in recent years they’re being made very flimsy, if you ask me. I know, I know: No one is asking, right?! Currently, I store them in the typical craft/floss storage containers. Is 11 floss cases too many? Don’t answer that. I have a nice fishing tackle bag that holds 8 huge containers, but I have yet to put my bobbins in it. For my "specialty" threads: The silk fibers are on bobbins in a small storage container as I don’t have many. I have a smaller tackle bag for those also. The DMC Light Effects are as I bought them and stored in a fishing tackle case. Still trying to figure out how to store them once used because they’re rather unruly!

2. Do you keep a complete set of DMC? – Ha!! Ummm… Can I plead the 5th here?? I think I may have at least 2 complete sets of DMC and then some. I have the entire set of Light Effects. Eventually, I’d like the Color Variations.

3. Do you buy new floss to "kit" up new projects or do you use out of a master set? – It’d be rather silly of me to go buy new floss to “kit up”. Wait, maybe that’s how I ended up with duplicates! Again, I plead the 5th. Usually, I will take from the master set. When working on projects, I’ll put the needed colors in one small craft container.