Dec 14, 2005

Happy Dancin' !!!

After 130 hours over the course of 5 months it's finally finished. Northern Lights is stitched and framed!!! Of course there was a mishap along the way... During the framing process, I set the glass on the sofa and went to get the glass cleaner. I was excited because I was SO close to being done! Sat down to clean the glass before putting it in the frame. Cr-a-ck!! Shards of glass under my rear end!! Oh nooooo.....! The next day, I ordered a new piece of glass... which was cheaper than the first piece (go figure). Last night, I finally got it all framed up. It looks so great!! It's cross stitched on black 14ct aida with DMC floss. The stitched piece is 11x14 in size... the largest framed project I've ever done. Here's what fellow stitchers had to say:

Your Northern lights are just breathtaking, stunning... I could go on forever. Great job there darlin' ~Carolyn

Oh Meari it's gorgeous!!!! ~Mo

Congratulations Meari! That was a large project and it came out great! ~Linda

Looks good Meari... great job! ~Shirley

Lovely work on the stitching and the framing. ~Lynne

Looks awsome. ~Virpi from Finland

Beautiful Work! ~Kimberly

Meari, it turned out absolutely beautiful. You should pat yourself on the back. ~Wanda

Wow, Meari you have sure got a lot of things accomplished - good for you and this is beautiful. ~Donna in Ed

Meari what a fab finish you really did a beautiful job of that one. ~Sarah

You sure deserve to do a 'happy dance'. Northern Lights is exquisite!!! Very nice job! ~Sharon

Meari, all I can say is WOW!!! It turned out beautifully, you should be very proud. ~Glenda

I think the frame matches beautifully! You did an absolutely stunning job. You should be VERY proud of yourself. ~Jessica

Congrats!!! It’s gorgeous. ~Linda

Standing ovation Meari! Very Beautiful. ~Hollye

Lovely work. ~Brenda

Meari, It is awesome!! Such a beautiful job you've done and yes, the frame matches it so well, too. ~Barbara

Wow Meari, Northern Lights is fantastic! Congrats on the finish, great stitching. ~Sandy

Absolutely beautiful. ~Dawn

Meari, That is gorgous and the frame is great with it. Happy dance some more for a great job. ~Donna

Wow, it turned out gorgeous. Congrats on the finish. ~Kathy

Oh Meari!!! That is so gorgeous!!!! Yey!!!!! I know you are thrilled to be
finished with it! ~Pam

Meari - You did a beautiful job. ~Mary

Oh wow! It's breathtaking! Gorgeous frame for it also! Congrats, Meari! ~Anna

Congratulations! It is awesome! ~Greg

It's beautiful Meari! Job well done! The framing is real nice too. ~Azzie

Beautiful job, Meari. It looks like a painting! ~Kendra

Congrats on a wonderful finish. I know your SO will love it. ~Terri

Very nice finish! Must have taken you a long time to do this one. Definitely one to celebrate!! ~Deborah

Congrats hun... its beautiful. ~Jaunice

All I can say is wonderful. ~Susan

Meari, It's just gorgeous! Congrats on the finish. ~Marcy

WOW Northern Lights os beautiful-brave one you are for stitching all that on the black whew!! Just beautiful! ~Patti

Congratulations, Meari--it is beautiful! ~Patricia

WOOOOO-HOOOOOOO! Beautiful!!! Congrats on your wonderful finish. ~Debra

I think it's Fantastic!! The frame looks really good and totally compliments the picture. ~Debbie

WOW! It looks gorgeous, Meari! Congrats on the finish. ~Mylene

Northern Lights is an absolutely stunning, fantastic piece. The frame really sets it off nicely. Congratulations Meari ~Carolyn

It is wonderful! Way to go, girl. ~Sherry

Congrats! Looks great! ~Linda

Meari, I want to congratulate you on your big finish :) Yea for Meari!! ~Peggy H

I took a look at Northern Lights and it is absolutely beautiful. ~Debbie

Meari, it's gorgeous! ~Carol I


Anonymous said...

As always, I am very proud of you. You always do your best and this is beautiful! Congrats on finishing. FSOY

Virpi said...

Really pretty and the frame is perfect. Luckily you didn't hurt yourself!