Dec 7, 2005

Sleep Deprived

<-------- AIN'T SHE CUTE?!?

What’s new with me? Trying to keep my patootie warm, that’s what! I got out of bed to be greeted with 5 below zero temps today. I don’t think Celeste even wanted to go outside this morning to do her thing. Brrr! At least the sun is shining, though! There’s nothing worse than a cold, gray winter days.

Work has been a pain in the rear. Over a month and a half ago, I scheduled two separate weeks of vacation. The work I do is time sensitive, so it has to get out almost as soon as I get the data. There are two other women who do the same type of work, who are supposed to cover for me when I take time off. Well... One of them refuses. This has management in an uproar because the three of us “can’t seem to cooperate” and get my client work covered. There are only two days out of the five I am gone that is going to affect the other two women. Yet one of them claims it will put her WAY behind. Give me a break! Now, I’m being made to feel like the bad guy because I want to take time off. Not only that, one of the bosses told one of the ladies that if we can’t cooperate, they’ll just get rid of that kind of client work. WHHHAT?! I woke up at 2am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep for over 2 hours because this bothered me so much. *sigh*

Last night while washing dishes, a glass broke and I ended up slicing the side of my hand near my pinky finger. I bled like a stuck pig! It has that burning hurt today. Of course it's on my right hand -- the one I write with. Makes it difficult to write anything.

On a better note, a bunch of ladies at a branch office are getting together for a catered lunch and ornament exchange. This will be the first year our office will be included. There will games and prizes, too. Sounds like fun!

My weekend will be filled with more baking, shopping for my Mom’s birthday and Christmas present, cleaning, and getting two new tires for my car.

That’s all for now...


Shelleen said...

sounds like you are having a bad time at work and sorry that you cut your finger. Sounds like it hurts like a paper cut.