Dec 28, 2005

Tis The Season & Other Stuff

I spent the holiday at my parent’s home along with my brothers and sister -- plus spouses and kids. Being from a bi-ethnic family has it's advantages! As usual, my mother's food was scrumptious. We had the traditional ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, deviled eggs... plus sushi, udon, and fried rice. Mom had a special surprise, too. She made crab rangoons from scratch! It was all Mmmmmm Good! All the presents under the tree were just obscene. There were SO many! (Note: That's my tree in the pic, not my parent's.) The best gifts I got so far was a $25 gift card and a 10lb bag of Japanese rice from the Asian food store. I bought a tackle box that has those plastic cases with compartments just the right size for my specialty floss stash. There is even a tiny little case that’s perfect for beads. Didn’t get Christmas cards from any of my siblings. Is it too much trouble to sign a card and give it to me? I have to say that I was very disappointed since I go out of my way to pick out thoughtful gifts, send them all cards, and spend lots of time baking goodies to share with my entire family. Yes, it’s a time for giving – but is it too much to ask for a card, or to put some effort into a thoughtful gift? *whew* I’d better get off this soapbox...

Incidentally, all the cards on my wall except for about 5 are from fellow cross-stitchers. Since this picture was taken, the bottom banister support has been covered in cards.

As usual, I have too many stitching projects going at once! Keeps the interest alive, doesn’t it? On Japanese Garden, I have the border done around the Tori. I have some of the specialty stitches done. I put JG on hold since I am waiting on two colors of floss – one that was backordered and the other I neglected to order. Silly me! Got an email today that they were shipped today, and the floss I forgot to order is being sent as a gift. Yay!

I am also stitching a Cherished Teddies basketball player for my 13yr old niece who’s had her sights on bball since she was 3. I changed the the “CT” on the jersey to her number which is 33. I also changed the colors of the jersey and accents on the shoes to match her school colors. I expect to have it finished before the end of this bball season.

I worked a bit on my American Soldier Project, Freedom (by Stoney Creek), last night. I’m almost 1/4 done with it.

Still working on my UFO’s – Treasured Memories Quilt afghan. Haven’t worked on Elegance of the Orient in ages. I think I am going to start it over on a larger count fabric.

I started a new snowman ornament while at my parent’s house on Christmas. I also have a partially stitched bookmark of Tigger and Pooh.

Yesterday, I received my Stash of the Month package from Silkweaver Fabrics. There was a chart for a needleroll and several supplies to get one started on making it…

28ct Heritage Linen
Pkg of Mill Hill Beading Needles
Stranded by the Sea – Beach Paradise
Mill Hill Beads 4-color Pack

And a Tacky Bob! -- I wanted one of these! (No, this isn't your tacky uncle Bob.)

I’ve been wanting to try making a needleroll. Now I can! Yay! (As if I don’t have enough projects going???!)

While I was on vacation last week, the remodeling was finally completed to form my cubicle at work. There’s “frosted” glass around it that looks like rain hitting glass and sliding down. Several clients have come in and I’ve seen them touching the glass on the other side. LOL I’ve been moved from the second floor to the first floor. Actually all of us are on the first floor now. The firm’s intention is to rent out the upstairs to another business once they get entrances put in that segregates the 1st floor from the 2nd floor.

OK, I’ve rambled on enough now...