Dec 29, 2005

Method To My Madness

Assignment: Convince you why stash is so great!

• Why do I buy stash if I may never have time to finish it all?
• Is it just so much fun to "fondle"?
• Why do I have several projects going at once?
• Does rotating projects really help you finish more projects faster?
• In what ways do I rotate?

First, I consider my stash a collection of sorts – A cross stitch collection! Books, charts, magazines, floss, needles, storage containers, scissors, fabric, beads, kits, scroll rods, hoops. Ahhhhhhh, yes! People tend to surround themselves with things that make them happy. For me, stash is one of those things! Some people collect stamps… some collect glass ornaments, some collect cars… I collect stash!

Secondly, I have to say that 95% of my stash is over a decade old. Several months ago, I returned to stitching after about a five year hiatus. I must say that it didn’t take me long to become “addicted” to the craft, again... and wondered why I stopped. Well, I know why but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Anyway, had I thrown all my stash away and started the buying process over... I don’t even want to think about how expensive THAT would have been! With cross stitch becoming a “lost art”, there are very few cross stitch magazines published today. Way back when, there were plenty to choose from. Presently, the best magazines are published in the UK and cost $10-12 each in the US bookstores. Years ago, I could get a year’s subscription for $20. I’m glad I kept all of my cross stitch magazines and stash! Some pics of my stash:

The box on the top
shelf is full of charts.
The second shelf is
cross stitch, quilting,
and sewing books --
Mostly cross stitch
books. The third shelf
is full of cross stitch

These are my hoops & scroll rods.

Here is my DMC floss
wound on bobbins.
Don't they look like
jewels? I have all of the
DMC colors.

Mat Cutting Tools:
Rotary Mat
Guide rail with ruler
Hand-held mat cutter
Mat Knife

LOL, I don’t “fondle” my stash! (Although, I think there are some ladies that do!!) Of course, if you consider browsing through magazines and charts “fondling” then I am guilty!! Most of my stash consists of floss and magazines. I have about 8 floss boxes full of DMC wound on bobbins, and a bit of specialty floss. In recent months, I’ve picked up kits here and there when they’ve been on sale.

Why do I have several projects going at once? Two reasons: 1) To keep me from getting bored 2) Instant... well almost... gratification. I tend to do complicated projects that take a long time. By interspersing small projects that I can finish relatively quick, I feel the sense of accomplishment that one gets from finishing something beautiful. Rotating several different projects keeps me from getting bored.

I don’t really think it helps me finish projects faster. There is no rhyme or reason to how I do my rotation. I try to work on my UFO’s (started circa 1997) at least once a week. On my WIPs, I just work on them until I get bored and the rotate to the next one. Some stitchers use the hours rotation: stitch a certain amount of hours, then work on the next project the same amount of hours, etc. Others stitch on projects on certain days of the week.

So you see... There is a method to my madness.


purplestitcher said...

I feel like I am reading my own thoughts. Cross stitch is definately a dying art. I went on a hiatus as well when my daughter was born and have started it back up again. YOU CAN'T FIND ANYTHING. Thank goodness for online shops. I agree - you have to buy it when you see it or you will never find it again. Fellow stitchers understand the method to the madness. Keep us up to date. Love reading your weblog.

Anonymous said...

I also felt like I was reading my own thoughts. I am lucky in that there are several cross stitch shops in my area. Probably six if you don't mind driving an hour. I consider that close! There is nothing like spending time going through magazines and charts to bring you out of the doldrums and just put a smile on your face.