Jan 3, 2006

Happy New Year To Me

I woke up this morning proclaiming to myself “Today is going to be a good day!” in preparation of the onslaught of new year preparations I will have to deal with at work. The month of January is just a killer! Anyway, I go out to the garage and get into my car – no start! To top it off... the key got stuck in the ignition!! Luckily, I live only 15 minutes from work if I had to walk. I called work and a coworker came to pick me up.

My day keeps getting better! Long story, short... I paid an ebay bill of $1.54 by billpay. Next month received notice that payment was past due. So, I called the bank who did some investigating (check wasn’t cashed, not able to contact ebay). The bank stopped payment on check and reissued another one. I contacted ebay via email to let them know. They confirmed the email and notated my account. Today, I check my account and they charged me $15. After “chatting” online with a rep (They have no telephone support!), he informed me that one check “bounced” and they charged me the fee. Nevermind the freakin fact it was noted on my account the check had a stop payment on it!! Ebay will NOT waive the fee. Grrrrr......!!

Yep, Happy New Year to me!! Today is gonna be a good day.