Jan 9, 2006

Addiction Group for Stitchers?

It’s been suggested that perhaps some of us need a 12-step program for stitchers.

The 12-Step Program for Xstitchers:

1. Find the pattern
2. Pick out the fabric
3. Check to make sure you have the floss.
4. Go to the LNS to get what you don’t have
5. Find something at the LNS to get what you don’t have.
6. Buy that pattern too, because they might not have it next time.
7. Pick out fabric AND the specialty threads for THAT one.
8. Take it all home and wind the bobbins
9. Order pizza for the kids and DH for dinner.
10. Start at least one of them, preferably both of them.
11. Discover that you forgot the Kreiniks for the first one.
12. Repeat step 4.

(Thanks Laura for organizing the 12-step program!)

The meetings would go something like this:

A big tub for everyone to “check their take-alongs” before they sit around in a circle. The first person to speak:

Wanda: “Hi, I’m Wanda and I am addicted to cross stitch.”
ALL: “Hi Wanda”
Meari (the leader): “And what were you stitching?”
Wanda: “Just some angel”
Mary: “Ooooo which one, I like angels.”
Laura: “Can we see it… Where did you get it? Can I buy it?”
Jessica: “Let me see if I have it in my stash. I know I have some angels in there somewhere.”
Berly: “Wait, let me get my purse and show you what I started.”
Meari: “No, NO, we have to… Hey Berly, that’s so cute! Let me get mine from the back.”

And then everyone gets their hoops, glasses, and extension cords for the OTT lights. They lived happily ever after on Tuesdays in their Stitching Bee!

LOL – Thanks Linda for outlining the XA meeting.


Anonymous said...

Okay Meari I am laughing hard on this one. Thank you for the link. LOL

Just what I need another way to figure out how to addict myself. ROFLMBO

Anonymous said...

Oops that comment was by me Meari. Little ole Carla from ILCS

Anonymous said...

I soooo need to go to that meeting LOL

I'm not that much into buying more stuff, but trust me, I know what it is like to have just 2 hours of sleeping because I can't stop stitching.

sales said...

Love it! Too true!

Joy said...

LOL This is too cute and soooo true!