Jan 7, 2006

Calling All Shoppers

Do you like getting a good deal? I do! Today was such a nice day, I went shopping. Where did I go shopping, you ask? Not your usual store, I tell you. You see... I love getting good deals. Places where I get the best deals are thrift stores and consignment shops. I look at it as a treasure hunt of sorts and never go looking for anything in particular. After a stop at the post office, Celeste and I started off on our treasure-hunting journey.

Our first stop: The consignment shop. I came home with a bag full of goodies:

Frame for the Cherished Teddies basketball player I stitched up for my niece.

Book on growing and using herbs in the Midwest – Excellent condition and books were 25% off today! I tried my hand at growing herbs last summer and fresh tastes SO much better than store bought dried. I even dried some and it tastes better than store bought!

VHS movie – Erin Brochovich. Movies were 50% off.

Best of all – They had some excellent stash! I got ½ yd. of opalescent jobelan, a cord twister, waste canvas, scroll frame bars ($2.50!!), and a Debbie Mumm Snow Buddies kit.

Onward we went. Next stop, the bookstore. I didn’t get any deals, but they did have a better selection of cross stitch magazines this time. I came away with two: Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection Dec 2005, and the January issue of Stitchers World. Celeste was thrilled to see me when I came back to the car!

Last stop: Thrift store. More stash!! Even though the craft bin was almost empty, there were a couple things I picked up:

Christmas Year-Round Needlework & Craft Ideas – 25 cents
Large Ziploc bag full of stuff – 18” Polar Santa Stocking Cross Stitch Kit (really cute!), 14 skeins DMC floss wound on bobbins, package of 14 ct aida, smaller Ziploc bag of sewing notions – all for 50 cents!
Two flip top storage containers - for stash, of course!

I also came away with a brand new, still in the box, still wrapped in plastic, still padded by styrofoam... a Black & Decker 24-cup rice cooker for $10. I looked online and these things sell for $25-30 new. I’ve been wanting a rice cooker for a while now, so I was really excited about this!!