Jan 9, 2006

First Finish of 2006

Cherished Teddies Basketball Player

This is for my 13-year old niece to commemorate her 8th Grade Basketball season. As a toddler she became fascinated with basketball when she saw a WNBA game on TV. From that point on she was hooked. Whether she's playing real basketball, or on the computer the girl is good! She puts her heart into each and every game. I customized this piece to reflect her jersey number and her school colors. It took me 30.5 hours to complete.

Here's what other stitchers thought:

She is so sweet, Rachel will love her. ~Sandy P

Lookin good Meari... nice work ~Linda C

Congratulations. You are off to a good year. ~Brenda

Oh Aunt Meari, She is going to be sooooo thrilled.... Congratulations on your finish and your framing. ~Dee in TN

It looks great, Meari! I'm sure your niece will really appreciate it. ~Carol

Great stitching as always, Meari. ~Nann

Hi Meari, yes it did turn out fabulous and she's going to love it... watch out you may have to stitch one for each player on her team. ~Richelle

The bear is so cute. ~Jennifer

Your bear is so cute Meari, your niece will love it! ~Shirley in KY

I really like it too! ~Anna

Wonderful job on both the stitching and framing. She will love it. ~Lynne Mc

Meari, that turned out as cute as can be! I know your niece will love it! ~Teresa

Meari, your bear is adorable! ~Donna in Ed

How cute, Meari! Congrats! ~Glenda

Love your teddy and I am sure your niece will think it's awesome. ~Barb in TX

Awesome!! ~Julei

Looks great Meari. I'm sure she will love it. ~LA

It's adorable & she is going to love it!! ~Berly

Very nice Meari! And neat story too! What a great idea!! ~Pam

I enjoyed your blog Meari and the teddy is adorable! You've done great and your neice will love it for sure. ~Shirl

Looks wonderful Meari. Well done! ~Kelly

Cute Meari! ~Eva

Looks good. I'm sure you're niece will love it. ~Alma

She will love it!! ~Lynette

Too cute...nice work... Rusti

It did turn out fabulous!!! ~Stacey

Meari, I just love that bear. ~Peggy

Great job. ~Dawn in AZ

Very Pretty Meari!!!!! ~Vickie

That is very cute, Meari. ~Marl

Cherished Teddy looks good, Meari! ~Mylene

It's lovely Meari, your niece is one lucky girl! ~Olwen

It looks great, that mat sets off your great stitching just right. ~Cathy

Congrats on the finish! That is just too cute and I'm sure your niece will love it, what a nice aunt. ~Rene

The BBBear is VERY cute, Meari. Good job. ~Mary M

She is so cute. You did a great job with the framing!! ~Jacqueline

Very cute teddy bear cross-stitch. You did a wonderful job. ~Kathleen in MD


Anonymous said...

That's BEAUTIFUL, MEARI! Such a great aunt you are...she shall treasure it forever!!!