Jan 9, 2007

Celebrity Look-Alike?

Call me crazy... but I don't think any of these people look like me. (I don't even know who some of the celebrities are!)

Matsushima Nanako - 70%
Jodie Foster - 66%
Shu Qi - 64%
Aya Matsuura - 64%
Hayden Panettiere - 61%


Jenna said...

I think that you look like the lady in the middle a good bit. I think it's the face shape and hairstyle. :)

Anonymous said...

Lol Meari - I did this some time ago, and the 'celebrity' I most looked like was Rommel. Not a happy bunny! My daughter gets Christy Brinkley and Emma Watson, she was VERY pleased!
Viv xx