Jan 15, 2007

Monday Update 1/15/07

We got our second snowfall of the season last night. Freezing rain first, then snow. When it was all said and done, 2-3” of the white stuff was on the ground this morning when I woke up. Celeste thought it was great, even though the snow was almost as deep as her little legs!

The textbooks for my meteorology class finally came in! I was beginning to worry about being a week behind, but the instructor sent out an email stating that the first week is basically orientation. Whew! I about fell over when the textbook was $125. Good thing my employer is paying for it.

I started stitching a scissor fob for an exchange I’m in. I have one side done and most of the second side done. It’s a Meari original. LOL – Well, sort of. I used a Prairie Schooler design for one side but changed all the colors and used SSS threads. On the other side I’m putting part of a sampler design that I found in a magazine. Again, I’m using SSS threads to coordinate the other side.

Newest Aquisition
Everyone knows what Freecycle is, right? Not only do I belong to Freecycle, I belong to another group focused on people selling stuff in my city. Several weeks ago, a lady had listed a 29-gallon aquarium with hood, light, pump, decorations, and fish food, etc. She wanted $40 for it. A few days later, she reduced her price to $25. People had asked for photos... not a pretty sight.

Last week, she sent a message out the group saying that it was taking up too much space and she was again reducing the price to $15. I expressed my interest, and asked what she had in the tank that it was so nasty. Goldfish. I know goldfish are the dirtiest of fish creatures, but she apparently hadn’t kept up a cleaning schedule either. She offered to wipe it down before I came. I went to look at it, and it did look much better cleaned up some. I arrived home with my new acquisition, and set to work cleaning it. Two hours later, I had myself a shiny new (Well, new to me.) aquarium.

I was still skeptical as to whether it was a “working” aquarium... meaning “Did it leak?” So, I sat it on the concrete basement floor and filled it with water. I figured if the floor was dry in the morning, it would be good to go. I’m happy to say that for $15 I have myself a pretty nice aquarium! To buy one new, it’d cost me around $100. Once I get it set up and settled, I'll be getting freshwater tropical fish.

I know I’m a fairly good cook, but it’s always nerve racking for me to cook for new people. This past weekend, I cooked lasagna for the new guy I’ve been dating. One thing I liked was when he told me, “I’ll try anything once.” I also made steamed broccoli and garlic bread. D is not much for cooked vegetables, but he tried some and actually liked it. I keep telling him the key is not to overcook. LOL He really liked the lasagna, too. (Whew!) D even took the dishes to the kitchen after the meal, and rinsed (and stacked) them. I’d also like to include that he sat and watched figure skating with me on Sunday and didn’t complain. What a guy...

I say ... and you think ... ?

Episode :: TV
Source :: water
Jerk :: several names come to mind, but I won't mention
Introduce :: new people
Ralph :: uncle
Stare :: interest
Cast :: leg
Scenario :: example
Flu :: sick
Mad :: angry

More Mutterings


Anonymous said...

Glad your book finally came in but whew that's a lot of money.

What a great find you got with that fish tank. What kind fish are you planning on putting in it?

A guy that will watch figure skating...you definitely need to keep him around. =)

Nice mutterings.

stitcherw said...

Wow, you did good on the aquarium, it cleaned up great. What kind of fish are you planning on putting in it?

Anonymous said...

Great deal on the aquarium. And stay safe in all that nasty cold weather.

Barbara said...

That's a very nice aquarium! I'd like to put one in the nursery. :)

xsquared said...

Great tank, and what a deal!

Anonymous said...

You got an awesome deal on that tank. Before we had to move to germany we had a 50 gallon fish tank and Iloved it! We had gurami's for like 4 years that we got from babies and they were huge so I found them a new home before the move. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. :)

Anonymous said...

We have had ice here . . .West Texas! eeeekkk

Glad that you finally got your book, those things are sooo expensive!!!

Can not wait to see the scissors fob!!

It looks like you got an awesome deal on that aquarium and it looks so much better now!!!

I am glad that you cooking went well for D. I get nervous cooking for new people too!! D sounds like such a nice guy!!!

Dee said...

The aquarium cleaned up very nicely. I can't wait to see it filled with fish.

I know JUST what you mean about book prices. DH and DS both were in school last year. YIKES! One of DH's books was $170.00!

Anonymous said...

you're so busy!!!!!!!! I love that you were able to clean up the fish tank, everything okay with it this morning? We have a 45 and 65 gallon, I love them! The angels are my prized possessions :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

What a great deal on the aquarium. Let us see when you start getting fish. D sounds great, I hope he continues to treat you well. Happy Stitching, CJ