Jan 8, 2007

Monday Update 1/8/07

Let’s see... What’s new with me?

Today I woke up to find that the volume on my alarm clock was turned down so I didn’t hear the alarm go off. I rushed around getting ready for work and get out the door on time only to find that my &*$^&! car wouldn’t start! Thank goodness I still had my brother’s battery charger in the trunk. Of course, *that* made me late for work. I’m blessed to have an employer who is flexible and understanding about these things.

My new semester at college started today. I am taking my 2nd science requirement via an online class. It’s called Fundamentals of Meteorology. So guess what? I’ll be subjecting you to all to weather and climate factoids I find interesting. Aren’t you the lucky ones?! LOL Last Friday, I called the college bookstore about getting the books I need for this class. Much to my dismay I found out that the books weren’t in and they thought they had another week before class started. Apparently, I had been the first student to call and inquire. Hello? Classes start the 8th. So after a “meeting” they got it all straightened out, and those of us who signed up through my college won’t have books right away. They were suppose to be in today, but when I called I was told they weren't. Wish me luck on this class since it's the last one I need in order to graduate!

The weather here has been unusually warm for January. It’s been in the 40’s and 50’s. It was so nice on Sunday, I changed the oil in my car –and- cleaned up some of the dead debris on my back porch.

I had another date with D on Friday night. We went out to eat and then bowling. I won two games out of five. I question whether he allowed me to win the second one, not that it bothers me because I had a lot of fun. I almost fell on my face getting out of his vehicle at the restaurant. Had it not been for him holding my hand, I would’ve found myself kissing the blacktop. Like he said... It’d ruin the date if I hurt myself and had to have him carry me into the house. (You all know how accident prone I am!!)

I finally got some stitching in. In addition to the brass bookmark finish, I stitched on the comedy/tragedy bookmark I started last summer.

Last but not least, today is my cousin's birthday. Happy Birthday, Joe!


Anonymous said...

So sorry about the car not starting!!! As you said at least your employer is good about it! I actually will look forward to hearing aobut what you are learning! The date sounds like lots of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

You sure are having rotten luck with that car. Any idea why the battery keeps going dead?

Good luck with your class. I love meteorology so I'll look forward to your reports. =)

So glad D saved you from your fall. You definitely don't need another injury. (((Hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading about you and your antics :) As for the weather facts, it will be very interesting. My husband and I work for the weather service as Severe Weather Observers (or as others call us Storm Chasers).

stitcherw said...

Sorry to hear that your car is acting up again. Cars become so much a part of our lives that it is really difficult to function when they won't work. Meteorology sounds interesting, so I'll enjoy hearing your different pieces of information that you pass along. Glad your date with D went well,

Anonymous said...

Ooh, another Weather Geek! :-)

I'm a spotter for both a local TV station and the National Weather Service. I don't like storms and when the weather is bad, I'm watching the situation pretty closely, so why not put my paranoia to good use, right? LOL!

velda said...

ooohhh I love weather!!!!!! Bring it on!