Jun 15, 2007

Google Reading

Ahhhh! I'm in the progress of switching my blog reading from Blogrolling to Google Reader. BR just wasn't consistent in letting me know when new entries were being made, thus I'd be SO far behind in my blog reading! I'm about halfway through adding my Blogs of Interest to Google Reader. So far it's working great! There are a few renegade blogs that don't register on GR, though. Once I get the blogs switched GR, I'll probably remove the list from my sidebar except for the renegades. LOL, they'll be labeleled as such!!


Kendra said...

I switched to Google Reader and gave up on BlogRolling sometime last fall after they kept not updating and I would miss entries. Google Reader is much nicer, although with the preview window, sometimes I don't directly visit the blogs.

~Velda said...

google reader rocks!

Tessa said...

I moved all my blogroll to google reader and it is really good.
I have removed the list from my sidebar too. I feel I am in control of my blog reading now :)