Jun 6, 2007

SBQ - Challenges

What has been your most challenging project and why?

The project that had me pulling my hair out was most challenging for me has to be Stoney Creek's Freedom. There are several reasons it was challenging:

• There were many blended colors.
• It took a long time to complete and was a large project at 11x14 in size.
• I despise dislike stitching browns, blacks, and grays.


Anonymous said...

Meari, I admire ANYONE who can do a Stoney Creek and not go crazy. I did the Flight of Fancy afghan. That was enough for me.

stitcherw said...

It's gorgeous.

rose_michelle said...

I have an Army Seal project for my husband that is aout 80 percent done, but has taken me five years so far. You've made a very beautiful piece though. I'm always looking for military stuff. I have a close friend who lost her husband when deployed with mine last summer and some of her most treasured pieces are those donated by people who wanted to say thank you to her for their sacrifice and let her know that what Rob has done will not be forgotten. Hopefully, your work will inspire others to support the troops in whatever way they can.

Greg said...

You did such a superb job on the Freedom piece, it was well worth it.