Jun 4, 2007

Monday Update 5/4/07

Movie Monday
Eye of the Beholder, with Ashley Judd & Ewan McGregor. Suspenseful movie, but very odd and the ending just kinda cut you off. More about this movie HERE.

Wacky Weather
We’ve had some wacky weather here in Illinois. On Friday, there were favorable conditions for tornadoes just a little to the northwest. Ominous storm clouds hovered overhead all weekend, dumping torrential rains in some areas and sprinkles in others. Luckily, both cities I was in over the weekend just got intermittent sprinkle showers, mixed with sun. It was actually raining while the sun was out. Today, it’s cloudy and looks like rain again. This is more like spring weather, not summer weather!

40-Miles of Garage Sales
A garage saler’s dream! Imagine driving along a 40-mile stretch of highway and coming upon sale after sale. Yes, it’s true... This event has been held annually, but this is the first time I’d ever ventured out to partake in the festivities. S and I set out on our adventure at 10am on Saturday. The skies looked like they would let loose and rain down on us at any time. Most of the morning, we were sprinkled on with light rain. Not enough to get us really wet, but an annoyance nonetheless. We forged ahead anyway. By 4pm, we’d only gotten about ½ way through the 40-miles and both of us were tired. We probably spent $10 between the both of us and that included food.

How about this tin? I got this Whitman’s tin for 50cents. It's about 8x10 in size. I'm thinking I could do something stitchy with it.

I also found two cross stitch kits, one for 10cents and another for 75cents (This one had MH beads and treasures in it!)

S's big “find” was a Spiderman shirt with the webbing for his son, who loves Spiderman. More about this sale HERE.

Stitchy Update
I was actually able to get some stitching in! I'm *this* close to finishing "J for Japanese Stitching" by Brooke Nolan. I changed the design and put two additional floating balls and omitted the J. I also stitched some on the Cardinal for the retreat. I'm hoping I can get it done! Will they kick me out of class if I'm not prepared?

And The Rest of The Story...
Sunday started at my house, where S cooked us breakfast and then put the A/C unit into my bedroom window. Later, we hung out at his house. He did "man things" such as worked on a motorcycle and changed oil in his truck. While changing the oil, he dozed off laying under the truck waiting for the oil to change. He claims he wasn't... LOL, if he wasn't sleeping why was it SOOOO quiet for 15 minutes before I went to check on him? I sat in the garage stitching on the aforementioned. I also did his laundry. Sounds so domestic, doesn't it? Around 6pm, we met his mother and stepfather at the park, had a quick bite to eat, and took a walk along the river. It was a bit chilly seeing as it was quite overcast, but it was a nice walk nonetheless.


Berly said...

Sounds like a great weekend, Meari! And very domestic too! :)

Cindy said...

Thank you for the link to the mega garage sale. I didn't realize that there was one in Illinois like this, and it sounds like a fun thing to keep in mind for the future!

stitcherw said...

Glad you had a good weekend and didn't get poured on by the rain to badly. We had rain off on on all weekend as well, and storms most of today and right now, boy is everything wet. We even got hail today, it looked like someone poured rock salt in my yard.

The yard sales sound fun, but trying to do so many of them would be tiring, glad you found some good stuff though.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Sounds like a fun weekend to me!

rose_michelle said...

Wow sounds like you had tons of fun. It's been raining pretty hard here, but between work and studying I don't have much time outside anyway. As for the puppy, he likes the rain because it means he doesn't have to get his fat rump off of the sofa for a walk.
The 40-miles of garage sales makes me tired just thinking about it. I bet people who do it every year have a system, like my mom at the International Quilt Festival.
See ya later!

glenda said...

Great weekend, Meari. I am soooo jealous of your 40 mile sale! lol You got great bargains, too.

Anita said...

What a great find... wonderful stash and I love the tin can and your plants/flowers are so pretty.

Tessa said...

Looks like Meari is getting addicted to tins!!!