Jun 11, 2007

Monday Update 6/11/07

Movie Monday
The Doors, with Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, & Billy Idol. To be quite honest, it was one of the weirdest movies I've seen in a long time. I didn't know much about Jim Morrison or The Doors prior to this movie. If this movie is factual, I have no respect for him as a person or artist. His character in the movie strikes me as a little boy in a man's body, a lost soul. With the lifestyle he lived, it's no wonder he died at 27.

One would think that 3 bags of mulch would go a bit farther than it did. On Friday, I put down the mulch the landlord left for me. I was hoping I'd have enough to put under my bench, but alas... No such luck! On Sunday, I finished planting the rest of the Lilies-of-the Valley. I am so glad that job is done! My pole beans are sprouting. Much to my dismay the bugs are already eating the tender leaves. Yikes!! I need to figure out how to save them.

On Friday, I went for a good long walk with Celeste. On her 4" legs, she kept up pretty good during our 45 minute speed walk. She was thirsty when we got home!

Imagine how pleased I was when I drove 45 minutes to the "big city" only to find that there were no orders for my repeat lab work. The nurse was helpful and called the other lab thinking maybe my doctor's office sent the orders there instead of the clinic lab. Meanwhile, I called my doctor's office asking where my orders were. We found out that indeed they were at the other lab and would be faxed over immediately. Once I pee'd in a cup, I was free to go. LOL

Spent 2+ hours "doing" my car. Changed the oil, and detailed the inside. Looks pretty spiffy!

Stitchy Stuff
I have a finish! Woo Hoo! I finished the needlebook for the class I'm teaching. Despite the fact that I omitted a step when I was putting it together, I managed to work around it and the needlebook turned out beautiful! At least I think so.

I used a freebie chart called "J is for Japanese Embroidery" by Brooke Nolan. I stitched it on 28ct waterlily linen with DMC threads and Rainbow Gallery Treasure Braid. I omitted the "J" and added two additional floating balls. In the center of each ball, I added a Mill Hill Bead.

I'm still working on the cardinal for the retreat. I've managed to stitch a bit on it almost every night this past week. I'd say I'm 2/3 done.


stitcherw said...

Your needlebook looks lovely. The design is perfect for it.

Cindy said...

Hey...i love your needlebook. Its pretty.

Singular Stitches said...

How pretty! What a lovely finish. Congrats!

Mary Ann said...

Your needlebook is gorgeous!!

Sharon said...

Beautiful needlebook Meari!

Mel said...

I finished mine...its not as pretty as yours..but thats fine. I have another piece that im using so you can teach me the right way!!!

glenda said...

your design is so pretty, meari!

Jenna said...

Beautiful needlebook, Meari! Well done. :)

valda said...

Your needlebook is gorgeous!