Nov 20, 2007


Hopefully, I'm back on the road to normalcy...

It's been a rough past few weeks with surgery, recovery, and the issues surrounding S. It appears that he thinks it's OK to carry on a "relationship" via text messages, rather than talking on the telephone or in person. In four more days, it'll be a month since he turned tail and left. I have talked to a lot of people (both online and off) about what happened, and not one of them said I am/was out of line. There were a lot of common thoughts and concerns about S's immaturity in regards to relationships, how I don't deserve to be treated the way I have. Do I miss our time together? Yup...however... I'm a good catch, and if he didn't/hasn't realized that... It's his loss.

I had my post-op check up last week. My throat was still hurting, but the doc said everything looked good and that I was almost healed up. Woo Hoo! The bad news? I had a sinus infection for which he put me on 5 days of antibiotics. The throat feels fine now with the exception that extreme cold foods/beverages makes it a bit tender yet.

Did I ever say that my name should be "Grace"? One day last week, I was feeling a little ambitious so I went into the attic so I could bring a box of ribbon down to organize. Fuzzy socks and I (You know where this is going, right?) went tumbling down the stairs. I hit my forearm against the edge of a step, whereby a knot and bruise the size of a silver dollar started to show itself. In my attempt to grab the railing, I took a chunk out of my thumb the size of a pencil eraser. Both the thumb and forearm are still healing up. And people wonder why I don't like wearing shoes and socks! LOL

Yesterday was my first day back at work after being off for 18 days. Coworkers and clients welcomed me back and asked how I was doing. My first day went pretty smoothly even though I ended up staying 1/2 hour late to finish up.

Sad to say, but I didn't do much stitching while I was off. The only thing I got done was the ornies in a previous post.

While recovering, I received a beautiful ornament from Patty in Canada. She sent me a "New Home" card also. It really lifted me spirits. :)

I'm disappointed in my parents for not calling or coming to check up on me while I was recovering from surgery. It's not like they didn't know... My mother wrote it on their "important dates" calendar that hangs in plain sight.

My niece stayed overnight with me last weekend. Hard to believe the little baby I rushed to the hospital to see is now 15 and driving! I let her drive the entire time she was with me and she did pretty well. We had one little "incident" where she had to jump in the backseat and I had to climb over the bucket seats to get into the driver's seat because she parked tooooo close to a car in a parking lot. LOL


imbrilyent said...

I am glad that you are feeling somewhat better those sinus infections can be nasty!

Mary - Stitching Sisters

ndmurdock said...

Meari, glad to hear you are somewhat back to normal. And I hope that things still improve daily. It does seem a bit weird about your parents, but everyone's family is different. I hope you can enjoy your Thanksgiving meal!

Sharon said...

Hi Meari, glad to hear you are feeling better! But, ouch the fall on the stairs had me wincing. I was hoping S would come to his senses and I am a little surprised by the parents too. Your stitching groove will return soon! Just take things one day at a time and take it easy. {{{hugs}}}

Julie R said...

So glad you are feeling better and healing well. Sorry about the infection.
I had to laugh at the 15 year old and driving story. I had to do a couple of rides with my 17 yr old brothers in law. That was a hair raising experience. :)