Nov 26, 2007

What Next?!

The past several months have been filled with lots of stresses for me. I am so ready for a vacation from everything... So what am I carrying on about now?

The day before Thanksgiving, my Dad drove himself to the hospital (an hour and a half from his house) because apparently he wasn't feeling good. The doctors told him he had to stay overnight for observation. Since Dad took Mom with him, someone had to go get Mom and take her home.

*Ring* *Ring*

Voicemail from brother: "Dad's in the hospital. Mom needs a ride home, can you go get her?"

When I received the call, I was in the doctor's office attending to my own health problems. I couldn't go get her, so bro ended up doing it.

Dad came home on Thanksgiving Day and spent it with the family. He said he was feeling fine. In retrospect, I have to wonder if he was really feeling OK or if he was just feeding us a line.

Friday after Thanksgiving, Dad drives himself back to the hospital. Alone this time. Again, they admit him. He was supposed to come home yesterday, but he is still there. Why? Because they can't get his heart rate under control. They've got him on bed rest... won't even let him get up to go to the bathroom because his heart rate skyrockets.

Last Christmas, he had the same problem. He went through surgery that was supposed to fix the problem, but apprently he falls into the 20% that didn't work. The doctors are discussing the options as to what's to be done now.

As you might guess, Dad is EXTREMELY bored. I'm sure my Mom is beside herself being home alone without Dad.


Kelly said...

Hi Meari,
Sorry to hear you dad is unwell again. I hope he gets better soon.
Hugs, Kelly

Vicki said...

(((Hugs))) Meari. Hopefully they will be able to figure out how to help you dad. Holidays are stressful enough without having family members sick. (((Hugs)))

Deirdre said...

I will keep your dad in my prayers and you too! Congratulations on your weight loss!

Patty said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad I hope that they can get this all under control.
HUGS, Patty

Julie R said...

So sorry to hear about your father. He will be in my thoughts that they get his heartrate under control.

glenda said...

Sorry to hear about your dad. Please take some time out for you. You still need extra rest, you know!!! :)

Vee said...

Meari, I pray your dad will get better and better each day. ((Hugs)).

Kathy Kiley said...

Oh Meari, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad's heart problems. But had to smile about his driving himself to the hospital. :) I've done that too. Stubborn?? Who me?? LOL

I hope the docs can find a simple treatment such as meds to help regulate his heart rate. AND I hope you are feeling better too.