Nov 17, 2008

Marvelous Monday 11/17/08

Ahhh... It’s over! Two tests down, only the final left to go. Out of all the tests I’ve taken from this instructor, this had to be the easiest one. I’m not sure why since it was just as intensive as all the others. Usually, the essay questions are worth 2-3 points each... He had one that was worth 10 points and he left 2/3 of the page blank to write. I thought, OMG! Thankfully, I knew *all* the material for that question... Behavioral Theorists. Who’da thunk it? There was another essay worth 5 points, and I TOTALLY screwed that one up... no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. It’s a good thing I was so immersed in doing my test because had I looked up and around, I would’ve found that I was the last one finishing and THAT would’ve freaked me out!

Communication... Isn’t it a funny thing how people send, receive and process information? They either “get it” or totally screw it up. Assumptions are made that aren’t there. Communication... can’t live without it. My instructor paired students up and had us do an exercise in communication. My partner was a young woman (about 19 or 20). We were given handouts with drawings on them, and had to describe to the other person how to draw them. First back to back, no questioning from the person drawing. Then back to back, with one question from the person drawing. Then both facing the chalkboard, no questioning. Then both facing the board and one question. Then we switched roles.

My partner and I did really well. Afterwards, I asked her if it helped that I was the “describer” first. (I had noticed she was using the same descriptors/phraseology that I used.) She said “Yeah, because I had no idea how to describe the drawings!” I came away from that exercise with a little pride in that I taught a complete stranger something. :)

I *love* shopping at thrift stores! It's like a treasure hunt of sorts... you never know what you'll find. I bought 4 VERY nice sweaters (one was a sweater set), 6 books, one magazine, 3 rolls of scrapbooking ribbon, and a package of plastic floss bobbins for $14!
Included was "A Merry Christmas in Cross Stitch" and the December 1992 issue of Just Cross Stitch. I did GOOD!

Snow fell for about 30 minutes on Sunday, just enough to dust the ground. I'm not looking forward to winter, but it sure was pretty coming down!

Stitchy Stuff
This is what Margaret in NY made me for the CSC Christmas Ornament Exchange:

Isn't it pretty? When I first got it, I thought: "How did she attach that ribbon and those bells?!" I'm gonna have to try that. :)

This was a secret exchange, and what's neat about it is that in July, I stitched an ornament for her as part of the Christmas in July Ornament Exchange. Thanks again, Margaret!

I made a few more beaded scissor fobs:

I've got a dilemma going on. Back in March, I started Quakers Rule by Milady's Needle. Some of the colors do not look like the model in the chart photo. I don't mean they're a little "off"... They look a *lot* off to me. (The chart model is on my sidebar) So my dilemma is: Should I start over? My progress is about 1/2 done. It's stitched on 40ct over-two and ripping out the 'offending' color(s) would not be easy. Opinions?


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Hoping you do well on those tests.

Love the scissor fobs.

I would just continue to finish it.

No one would have really known but you had you not said anything. (at least I would not have known)

Barb said...

Good luck on the test. I would just finish it too. Only you will know there was a mistake. Your stitching looks nice.

Gabi said...

Beautiful fobs and ornament. Brings up the did Margaret attach ribbon and bells? Looks good.
What concerns the ruler. Personally I like it just as it is. If I see it correctly the "original" colors seem to be more pinkish? I'm not really into pink like the colors as they are on yours better.

Kristin said...

I like the colors in your piece...leave it and finish it.

Kathy said...

It sounds like you had a good weekend. I love the beaded fobs you made. As for your dilema I would just finish with the colors you already have done. Frogging on 40 count would probably be a pain to say the least. Since it is fairly small you could always stitch it again with different colors.

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Meari...I love to read your Monday's Ramblings...

If I were you I would just continue as it is and don't worry about the colors....I like the way it is now as far as the colors are concern and I wouldn't start all over again....just go ahead and finish it with the colors that you are working with.

Take care & Happy Stitching

Carolyn NC said...

Looks like maybe the color on the pink/burgundy has a little more tan in it, but this is still pretty. I suggest finishing it - if you don't like it, give this one away and stitch it again. BTW, I love these rulers! Fobs look great and you did really well with those magazines!

Sadie said...

Very nice scissor fobs. I, also, love thrift shops, or charity shops as they are called here in the U.K. I think for quaker rule, if you can live with the colours, just keep it as it is.No one will know. It looks fine in your photo. If it really bothers you, depending on how much you would have to frog, it might be easier to start over. You could always give the first one as a gift.

Terry said...

Been pretty busy lately haven't you?! What a great find at the thrift store. I really should drag the kids to one just to see what I could find. After all, you're the reason I tried the Freecycle and got that great stash haul a while back!!

Keep going on the Quakers Rule; like the colors you have and hate to think how much work the ripping would be. YIKES!

Shelley - ILCS said...

Congrats on finishing your tests. As for Quakers Rule...I like the colors the way they are. I suggest finish the Ruler. If you definitely don't like the end result RAK the ruler to someone or save it for an exchange and then stitch it again in colors more appealing to you. My 2 cents!

Rachel S said...

i would keep going with it. The picture might have photographed off. Or it might meld better when you have everything on it.

Donna said...

Yes I agree the colors don't look the same. But your colors look beautiful. So I would just keep stitching. Either way, it will be beautiful!

Rene la Frog said...

Nice haul at the Thrift Store. I'm sure you will find something to stitch in the books.

Love the ornament, be sure to let us know how the ribbon and bells are attatched when you figure it out.

Love the fobs. They are so much fun to do, I've got to get some more done too.

I like the colors in your Quaker Rule that you are using. I sure wouldn't frog it if you like it as is. I find that the pictures on the charts often don't show the true colors.

Another great read and sorry this comment is so long hehehe

brandy0751 said...

I love the fobs expecially the butterfly one. The colors look a little darker but I would finish it. You do such beautiful work.
Kathy B

Diane said...

I think your Quakers Rule looks great. I've been finding that there's a lot of color variation between dye lots, especially with overdyed threads. I've also come across charts that are COMPLETELY off from what is shown in the photo - like either the person who wrote the chart decided to change the colors after she sent the first draft to her sample stitcher, or the publisher used the wrong list of colors that were assigned to the symbols in the chart. I also have a Drawn Threads "kit" that came with the charms and NPI Silks (no fabric, so should it really be called a kit? just saying...) - but I can't for the life of me figure out which color is supposed to be which. The fact that I am definitely one strand short of what the chart says I should have isn't helping me, either. It looks like in order to stitch this "kit", I'm going to have to order a skein of each of the NPI Silks. Cost effective? NOT!

Margaret said...

Good luck on that final!

I would continue with the Quaker piece. It's YOURS and doesn't "have" to look like someone else's, right?

Love your fobs! Especially the blue one.

And as to how the ornament is finished....... I strung the jingle bells onto metallic ribbon and knotted the ribbon around the bell. Then tacked the knot onto the corner of the ornament and trimmed up the ribbon a bit. I was very pleased with how it turned out and thrilled to stitch for you!

Mylene said...

Lovely scissor fobs, Meari! And a pretty ornament received.

Sharon said...

I love the noel ornament and the beades fobs are pretty-I really like the one with the star!

Barbara said...

Love your beaded fobs and I like the colors in your Quaker Rule as you've stitched it. Congrats on getting through your tests and on your fantastic stash buy at the thrift shop. The snow is pretty - especially since it's not here. hehehe
Barb in TX

Carol R said...

Lovely ornament from Margaret and your scissor fobs are gorgeous!! But most of all I love your Quaker Rule - if the colours are different that on the model who cares - yours look beautiful. Finish it and if you don't like it then, put it up for a draw as I know that I would definitely love to win this one!

Annie said...

You have had a busy time. Good luck with the Final. The stash from the thrift shop sounds really good and I love the little ornament! Your scissor fobs are lovely. As for Quaker Rule, I would leave it as it is. I think the colours look more realistic, ie "older", than the model in the sidebar. If you still don't like it as much when you have finished you could always give it as a gift and do another one for yourself.

Debra said...

Great, stash and I love the fobs and the ornament you received is so nice.
Debra in Indiana

glenda said...

I completely agree with you on the thrift stores! I got a gorgeous wool london fog coat for 10 bucks last weekend. I could never afford clothes like that at retail price.

stitcherw said...

Congratulations on being down to just the one test, sounds like your term is really wrapping up. I'll keep my fingers crossed it goes well for you. Nice find at the thrift store, they do have some really good buys. We have several near me, and they have become very popular lately.

On the ruler, so many times on-line colors don't look like they do in real life, so I can't really judge. However, if you're not happy with how the colors are working I'd hesitate to go further. It will be more to frog out, and if you don't, you may end up with a piece you don't enjoy and regret it. However, if you're just uncertain, you might want to do a bit more around it and see how the coloring works out. A lot of times I don't think I'm liking a color combination early on, but once I get further into the piece and the colors start to fill in on it I do like the way it looks.