Feb 27, 2009

Grab Bag #2

I actually received both grab bags at the same time, however I'm just a bit behind in getting the second post up. I don't know... call it "life gets in the way" LOL!

Without further adieu...

DMC Color Variations.
These are the newest CV's.
This was on my wishlist!

Gentle Art Sampler Threads
Special Edition - Spring Collection

by The Caron Collection
(Woo Hoo... silk threads!)

Assorted Rainboy Gallery Threads
& Mill Hill Needle Threaders

Olde Willow Linen Thread
Watercolours by The Caron Collection

DMC #5 Perle Cotton
These will come in handy for cording :)

Magnetic Needle Tugger
This was on my wishlist, too!

A nice long piece of linen banding. Love the blue border!

32ct 18x26" French Mocha Linen

Assorted pieces of linen. Aren't the colors great?!


Nancy said...

Another great bag!!! Did I ask you before what you paid for these?? Was she doing these because she is going out of business?

Kristin said...

Oh wow! I love this grab bag!!!

Louisiana Momma said...

ok are you TRYING to make me jealous?? well it worked :-) lol

Romantic Fool said...

That was an awesome bag! I am very impressed!

Sharon said...

Nice grab bags!