Feb 28, 2009

a PIF from CJ

Back in July, I signed up for a PIF on CJ's blog. I was so excited when I opened the box!

I've been admiring CJ's baskets ever since I saw
them on her blog. They are so beautiful and she
is so talented!! To top it off, she makes cards, too.

Another view of the basket :)

As if that weren't enough, there was a pretty handmade little box, and a bag of Ghiradelli chocolates. CJ said the chocolate was from her son. What a sweet little guy!

I wonder what's in the box????

The cutest little flatfold I ever did see! I love it!!

CJ is such a dear lady for taking time to create such beautiful things. Big thanks to her (and her little one) for the PIF gifts. I had a stressful night, and this definitely brightened my day and put a smile on my face! :D


stitcherw said...

What a wonderful PIF. The basket is so neat, and I love the tiny flatfold. As to the chocolate, YUM! Your earlier posts of your grab bags were awesome. I'm always hesitant to do a grab bag for fear I won't really like what I get, yours make me want to give it a go some time. Cute new piece your Flip Flops, fun stitch for the cold winter months.

Kristin said...

Wow...that is an incredible PIF gift.

Gabi said...

What a beautiful PIF. I'm impressed with all CJ made. What a creative person. I went also to her blog to admire more of her creations.

And congrats with the grab bags. You're a lucky lady. I never had any luck with grab bags.

Sharon said...

Very pretty PIF!

Chiloe said...

Waow! I am always amazed to see the talent of some ladies !!! Lucky you to have gotten such a lovely gift ;-)

Debra said...

Wow, wonderful gifts.

ange said...

i am so impressed by the box & card! i wish i were that talented! congrats, meari!

Carolyn NC said...

This is a wonderful PIF; so thoughtful and so pretty. Congrats!

Patricia said...

a wonderful pif congrats on the goodies

Mylene said...

Lovely PIF from CJ.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

What a lovely package - put a smile on my face, never mind yours!