Feb 2, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 2/2/09

February already??? I'm not complaining, mind you... It just means one month closer to warmer weather!

I received my 2nd diploma in the mail last week! Yay!! I decided not to go through graduation ceremonies this time (been there, done that). I *did* graduate Magna Cum Laude, though.

I'm in my 3rd week of class for Business Information Systems now. We had our first test last week (and will have one every week!) and I'm guessing it wasn't too bad, seeing as I was the first one done. It consisted of 8 essay questions and one bonus question. I put an answer down for each one. I'll find out tonight how I did. There is a lot of information crammed into each week's schedule between reading, notetaking, homework, and the group project. Since it's an accelerated class, each night of class is like 2 weeks of a normal class. Ugh!

I had the worst headache imaginable by the time class ended. I'm hoping it was due to the lack of sleep I got the night before. I could hardly drive home my head hurt so bad. It worried me some because I've never had a headache like that and it was on the opposite side of my head where they usually occur. It was bad!

Giveaway Winner
Last week, I offered up a VHS Sexy Abs tape. There were a few who were interested, so I had to draw names out of a "hat" so to speak. The winner is: Kathie! Congratulations, Kathie -- Please email me your address and I'll get the tape in the mail to you.

Another Blog Award!
I was really touched when Carolyn and Margie nominated me as one of the recipients of this award. Thank you so much to both Carolyn and Margie for their kind words. :) It's my turn to spread the love by naming five others to award:

Christine - She does fabulous memorials for the Soldier Memorial Project, and puts the funniest things on her blog.

Courtney - Not only is she a sister in crafting, she's also a caring friend.

Nancy in Illinois - Has the greatest sense of humor, and is one of the best at stashing!

Barb - Stitches so many beautiful squares for charity quilts.

Velda - For all her great photos, and interesting blog entries.

As Deborah says, "Men are like buses. Another one will come around every 15 minutes." After the latest incident, I feel it's time to get off the current bus. It's way too early to play the "I'll call you tomorrow" game and then not call. It hasn't just happened once, but 4-5 times now. Add to it that he doesn't call throughout the week, waits til the last minute to make plans, and flakes out on plans. I received a VM at 1pm on Friday to cancel plans for Saturday, and asked to reschedule for Sunday. I texted back saying I had plans. I keep thinking: If this kind of stuff is happening early on, what would it be like later? A friend of mine suggested I send him a text telling him to "lose my number." I think I have given him plenty of chances. When's the next bus?


Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on the second diploma! Hope your class continues to do well and no more headaches! As for dating, I think you are smart to go ahead & write this guy off - this much headache at the start? So not worth it - who knows what he'd be like later for sure!

htimcj said...

Congrats on the diploma! Good luck on the new class. Sounds very busy and I hope your headache went away. I vote for saying good bye to this latest guy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the diploma! I didn't go to my graduation either...I had it mailed to me as well and now it sits in my drawer. LOL!

Sorry about the "guy" - seems like a flake if you ask me.

Hope you never get a headache like that again. I had one a few weeks ago I thought my head was going to explode.

Kathy said...

Congratulations on receiving your diploma. And your blog award. I am so sorry to hear about your headache. It must be something going around because I have been eating excedrin migraine, which I HIGHLY recommend, like candy for the past 5 days. I hope yours is better.

Kelly said...

Congratulations on your diploma!

Terry said...

Congratulations on the diploma. I feel for you on the headache. Been there done that myself many times. Hope it stays away from you now.

I'm with you in writing off the guy. If he's already letting you down imagine how it would be later on. No thanks! There is another one just waiting to irritate the crap out of you just around the corner LOL. Seriously, there are more good men out there you just have to sift through the crap to find him.

Rene la Frog said...

Congrats on the last diploma. Magna Cum Laude!!! I'm so proud of you.

Patricia said...

congrats on doing so well at school WTG!!!!

Mylene said...

Congrats on the diploma, meari!!

Barbara said...

Hi Meari,
Congrats on your diploma & your blog award. Thanks for awarding to me, even though I don't stitch nearly as many squares for charity quilts as I used to. ;-(

As for the guy, yep - write him off your list. Where on earth do all these losers come from? I think it's time for them to all crawl back under the rocks they came from. LOL

Hope you don't have anymore headaches like that again.
Barb in TX

Debra said...

Congrats on graduation and the award! I am sure you did good on the test.
LOL! Next bus, live and learn.
Debra in Indiana

Nancy said...

Kudos on the school stuff. I can't imagine adding that to my schedule. Sometimes the texting is the easy way out for guys.....go with what your heart says.

Akila said...

First, congrats on your diploma and the blog award too!!! Also, thanks a ton for visiting my blog and even leaving a comment. Really very motivating to read comments to keep it going :) Thanks again

Dawn said...

Congrats on the diploma! Good luck in the new class, but I am sure you will breeze right through it!! I am with the others about forgetting the guy...he does sound way too iffy.

Shelley - ILCS said...

Congrats on another diploma!! You Go Girl!!!