Jul 14, 2009

Marvelous Monday Update 7/13/09

... on a Tuesday (again!)

I bet you guessed it. Yep, I *still* have the cough. So far I've seen an "immediate care" doctor who said it was allergies and gave me an RX for Robitussin CA and Allegra 24-hour. The Robitussin was great for helping me sleep at night! The Allegra wore off after about 12 hours, so I quit using it. Then I went to see my "new" primary care physician who thought the cough was asthma-induced, which I think I mentioned a couple of posts ago. She prescribed a 3-day Z-Pak just in case I had an infection in my lungs, plus Advair for the asthma. In my follow up appointment with her this week, I still wasn't better so she was "perplexed" and suggested I see my allergist. Meantime, she wanted to do something about the cough and prescribed Prednisone. This was *after* she explained she doesn't like to take it herself due to the side effects! I held off filling that RX until I saw my allergist. She also had me do a chest x-ray, which came back normal.

Friday, I saw my allergist. He ruled out asthma as the cause of my cough. THAT test made me cough so bad, the nurse made me sit on the table and even went to get me a glass of water! So, what's the culprit? Based on the symptoms I'd described to him, he thinks it's a sinus infection! He prescribed another round of stronger antibiotics, nasal spray, and Mucinex D. If I'm not better after all this, he wants to do a CT scan of my face to make sure they're "not missing something".

Let's hope this does takes care of the problem. 1) Six weeks of this cough is getting old. 2) I'm beginning to feel like I should own stock in the pharmacy!

The upside: Each time I've filled a new RX, I've had a coupon for a FREE $25 gift card, so at least those have offset the RX costs.

The post office was really good to me last week! Mary in TX was one of my students in a recent online mailart class. As a "thank you", she sent a pretty scissor fob she made (I added my scissors) and an oriental print bag:

Lisa in MO sent me a Dimensions Gold Collection kit called "Lovely Rose".

The entire background is stitched in black, but I think I'll use black fabric instead!

A big thank you to both Mary and Lisa!


Somewhere in said...

I sure hope you don't have gastritis ( I think that's how it's spelled). I had a cough with no other symptoms. I would cough so hard that I would sometimes vomit. Turns out it was stomach acid splashing up in my throat. Once I started taking prilosec, it went away. I do hope you get rid of your cough soon. Nice RAK !

Carolyn NC said...

Sorry you're still sick - hope you find out what the real culprit is and fix it once and for all. Wonderful gifts!

valerie said...

Still sick!? Oh no! Ya, don't take Prednisone...that is bad stuff. I hope this second round of antibiotics works on getting rid of your cough/infection.

Nice RAKs! Very cute scissors w/fob!

Rene la Frog said...

I sure hope they find the cause of your cough real soon and can find the right meds to clear it up.

Great RAK's. The scissor fob is so you.

Emily said...

So sorry to hear that you are still coughing, must be rough. Hope all the docs can find the cause and clear it up. On the plus side you did get some lovely things in the mail.

Julie M said...

How awful to have a cough for that long and then have the darn Dr. be unable to diagnose and fix it! Hope this latest round of meds does the trick but they should have just x-rayed your sinuses and then they would have known for sure!

What nice RAK's you received!

Feel better!

Shari said...

I sure hope this latest diagnosis takes care of the problem. I can relate to unsolved medical stuff.
Your RAK's are great!!

Donna said...

Yucka, yucka, yucka. Sorry you are still coughing. I was fussing because I have been sick since Saturday. I can't imagine 6 weeks of coughing!
Get to feeling better!

~~~Melinda said...

I know no one who suffers more sinus/allergies issues than myself. Delsym is the BEST over-the-counter cough medicine even better than and perscriptions I've ever had!! It is different from most brands of cough medicine as the active ingredient is "time released". The time release allows for the drug to suppress coughing for a longer period of time without taking more.

Predisone does have side effects but there are times I have to take it along with the antibotics to get cleared up....I've learned this the hard way! My dr gives me a shot when I go in and then if I not better I go back in 2 days for another...Otherwise, there is no stopping my symptoms!

Mucinex is great too! Delsym and Mucinex together id a great combo to knock a sinus/allergy cough. Take both as many times as the package says w/o missing anf u should be better in no time!!

Which nasal spray and antibotis?

I am currently on Xzyal and Rhinocort daily for my allergies oh and weekly shots that I give myself. To everyone thinking "I could NEVER do that!"..when u get sick enough for months u'd be surprised what you can do! lol It's not bad really and it helps a lot.

I hope you get better soon!!!

~~~Melinda said...

Oh I forgot...your rak's are great!!!

Nancy said...

Nothing worse than a cough that won't go away! Sounds like you have the Drs. perplexed! Hope you find the cure soon. Very pretty fob and kit!!

Barbara said...

Sounds like that nasty cough has become quite comfy in your body & just doesn't want to leave. Sure hope the dr can find the cause & get you completely well. Take care of yourself. Love the gifts you received.
Barb in TX

Suzzane said...

Meari, I'm wondering if you take any kind of blood pressure pill??? Many can cause a cough, I was told by two doctors, and is simple to remedy by merely changing medications. Just a thought.

Debra said...

the rak's are very nice. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Mary said...

Your gifts are really nice.

I hope your cough goes away soon. I was looking at some of the other comments and I would agree with many of them. I've had an asthma cough and acid reflux at night which was helped with prilosec. I won't go into why it can aggrivate the lungs. I also agree if you can avoid prednisone, do it. I have taken it and it's made my bones absolutely ache. Unfortunately, the reason for me taking it goes away very quickly.

I hope you will get relief from the what you are taking now to help the sinuses and the cough. I will keep you in my prayers that you will get better real soon!


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Wow, you have been through it, so sorry. Did you make JT change cologne yet, LOL just in case your allergic. Hope this new antibiotic works and there is no more cough or tests. Take care, CJ ok;-)

Mel said...

I can't believe your cough is still there. So brutal! I do hope it gets better soon.
What great RAKS! :)

Sadie said...

This has gone for too long now Meari. Sending you all the 'betterness' I can muster.
I hope you feel better real soon.