Sep 6, 2010

Marvelous Monday Update 9/6/10

Where did August go? Today is a holiday for a lot of us in the U.S. Since I am now considered "part time", I don't reap the benefits of getting full holiday pay anymore. :( So, I worked part of yesterday to make up for the loss. Don't you just love this cartoon?!

I've had Charley for almost a month now. She knows "lovin" means a pet on the back of the head. She takes flight without flying full force into walls, windows, and such. She doesn't get scared when I pick her up and put her in the cage. Most of the time, I can say "step up" and she will step up on my hand! Whenever I get home from work, she gets so excited that she climbs all over the cage wanting my attention, LOL. She must be getting used to the camera flash/clicking because she doesn't flinch as much.

... is still adjusting to having a bird Birds are what she attempts to catch by jumping in the air while being attached to her cable. Birds are not supposed to be in HER house. Actually, she's been pretty good. The first couple of days after I brought Charley home, she charged the cage like she was being the big, bad dog. The first time Charley took flight changed all that, LOL. While Charley was flying into walls and such, Celeste didn't know what to think and took cover under the dining room table. And, she was whining the entire time.

Last week, I supervised a face-to-face interaction. Charley was sitting on the corner of the dining room table and I had Celeste on my lap. Charley hissed. Celeste got scared and backed off. Incidentally, at night I will often find Celeste sleeping at the base of the table I have Charley's cage sitting on. Go figure!

Remember the horrendous haircut Celeste was given last month? Let me refresh....

Here's what she looks like now:

Now, that's MY dog!

Shelley from Shelley's Artsy Fartsy Life is hosting a book giveaway. Click over to read about her giveaway, as well as check out her latest stitchy projects.

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Since I hadn't worked on TMQ in a while, I decided to get it out. Here's what it currently looks like:

Other WIP pics can be seen HERE.

I received a wonderful RAK in the mail from Sue V. She sent me not one, but THREE asian-themed stitchy items. Two were charts, and one was a magazine filled with asian charts. I gleefully laughed (OK, maybe that sounds a little weird, lol) to myself because I had *almost* bought that same magazine during the retreat I went to in June. How cool is that?!?

Thank you so much, Sue!

I am ashamed to say that I wasn't able to see my new niece until she was two weeks old. Two weeks old, already??? I have photos of all my other nieces and nephew when they were only hours old. School and two jobs made it difficult for me to get over there, but I finally did. What a cute (I'm not biased!!) little bundle. She's so tiny compared to my nephew who was the last baby (now 14!) and we lovingly refer to as the Budda Baby, lol. Without further adieu, here she is:

Changed, fed, and content. This is after she pee'd on me! Paybacks are a B*tch, aren't they Auntie Meari? LOL, that's what I get for not coming to see her sooner, eh? Actually, she's still a bit fussy in the pic. See how her face is scrunched up? And boy-oh-boy does it get red when she's not happy!

Baby and Auntie

OK, so I made up for not seeing her right away by spoiling her. I cuddled and held and talked to her the entire 2½ hours I was there. Plus, I brought presents. What kid doesn't like presents?

Proud Papa and Baby

"Can you tell I'm a proud Daddy?" my brother says to me when I first get there. Not "Hello", "How's it going?" LOL Love you too, bro!


Mary said...

Charlie seems to be liking getting its picture taken. I'm glad Celeste looks amazing after her fur grew back. You wouldn't even know they were the same dog.

Your niece is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!!!!

Your stitching is great too!

Happy Labor Day!

Julie M said...

What a precious baby Meari! Congrats on being an auntie!

Celeste looks so much better now! Just look at that adorable face. I'm glad she and Charley are getting along now.

Beautiful WIP and a great RAK!

Hope you get to enjoy tomorrow!

Carol said...

You're niece is beautiful Meari! You look like a proud auntie!

Mylene said...

Precious pictures of the new baby with her father and aunt. Congratulations!

Carol R said...

Great Charley and Celeste pictures!
What a sweet little baby niece - does she have a name yet? Daddy certainly seems very proud indeed!

pinky from london said...

what a cute baby,shes a darling.You must be a proud auntie..
I love your little dog and you have been the new stitching stuff.. Pinky

Kay said...

Thanks for sharing the cute pics! The RAK's are a nice surprise! I love what you are currently working on in your rotation!

Emily said...

Charley is a very pretty and lucky bird, glad Celeste is doing better with her. Your niece looks so content sleeping in all the pics.

Rachel S said...

Very cute photos! Congratulations on the new additions, both human and avian!

Sunshine said...

Great Pics of Charley. I believe Celeste isn't lonesome anymore when Moomy is gone. Good or bad, they do get used to the movement and sounds of each other. I bet they would miss each other if they weren't together. LOL :)Your Niece is Precious! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Sue said...

Meari, First, Charlie is a gorgeous bird! Celeste more like herself, not that her coat has grown saw our 'Baby' with short hair, but we had a wonderful groomer. And, she truly was our 'Baby'....may she rest in peace.

Your niece is gorgeous! No wonder 'bro' is so like something my brother would have said too...............Your stitched piece is so pretty! I just love the colors. You have made great progress.


Donna said...

I love all your pics! Charley and Celeste are so precious, but not as precious as that sweet little baby. Congratulations Auntie!

Carolyn NC said...

What a precious picture of your niece with you and her daddy! Love the Charley story and Celeste. My daughter had the same problem with her pom - they scalped her - luckily hair grows quickly! Nice stitching and RAK!

angel parker said...

Your niece is beautiful and as always, your blog is a great read.

htimcj said...

Too bad you had to work this weekend. At least you didn't have to work all day.
I love your little bird and puppy! Isn't funny how dogs can be oh so tough until it moves :)
Your neice is so cute.
And last but not least your stiching stuff is great!

My Life In Stitches said...

Charlie is a beautiful bird. I am glad that it is working out well. Your sweet pup looks much better with her hair grown back. Your niece is beautiful. Congrats again to you and your family.

Katrien said...

Celeste is pretty with her hair grown back :)
Lovely pic of the proud daddy with your niece.

EvalinaMaria said...

Thanks for sharing lovely pictures. Enjoy the rest of a long weekend (I was working every single day, and I'm working today catching up on missed days at work...)

Debra said...

good that the bird and dog are getting a long better. Your niece is so cute. Congrats.

Carol said...

Awww...your new little niece is a doll, Meari! Congratulations to your whole family...

Celeste and Charley are both so beautiful--no wonder there is some competition over who is the "queen bee!"

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on becoming an Aunty Meari, she sure is a pretty baby!

I love eading how Celeste and Charley are getting on, I miss having my birds around the house so its nice to read what they are getting up to.


MaryT said...

Really cute pictures of your niece and of course you and your brother too. Your stitching is really coming along too.

Mary Louise

Anonymous said...

Lots to comment on this week Meari!

TMQ is going to be so beautiful when finished - but you still have quite a way to go!!!

Love your RAK from Sue, especially the Permin design!

What a gorgeous little niece you have!

And last but not least, Celeste is looking at least 100% better if not more!


chrisstitches said...

Babies are cute even if they are upset.
Glad to hear you got the kits that you didn't buy at retreat. Odd, how things turn out.
Celeste looks adorable now.
Cute how animals interact.
Love your blog as always.
By the way, did you spoil your's nice to give them back too.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on that beautiful little neice of yours! And Charley is beautiful as well!


Shelley said...

There's the beautiful Celeste we know and love, lol!!

Wonderful RAK.

What a happy auntie:) She is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Your niece is very cute, Meari. I'm glad that Charley and Celeste are getting along better. And Celeste definitely looks better with her hair back. Congrats on your RAK. I know you'll enjoy getting to stitch those.

Sandy in NM

Anonymous said...

Hi Meari, What an adorable baby!!! What will she call you? At least you have gotten to see your niece. We have yet to
see Elizabeth. It will probably be Thanksgiving before we get up that way. She will probably be taking first steps about then. Grrrrr.

Dee in TN

Anonymous said...

You niece is just precious. I just love your WIP. Look forward to next weeks update.

Mary in NC

Anonymous said...

Love the new baby photos. She is so cute. ALso, love the song on your blog today. I grew up with that one playing. LOL

Donna H

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Aw, your niece is such a sweetie! So is Celeste - glad The Cut is growing out :)