Sep 7, 2010

Why Oh Why?

Why am I hosting another contest?? Look at THIS:

I was so proud of myself for getting it out and actually stitching on it. I showed it to a friend who said: "Why is this...." and "What's wrong with that...."

It was brought to my attention that there are three things wrong (actual mistakes) with the Treasured Memories Afghan (TMQ). I have since fixed them, but thought it would be fun to do a contest.

The first person to correctly name the three mistakes on TMQ will win something stitchy from my stash pile.

Leave your comment and email addy so I can contact you if you're the winner. I will be announcing the winner on my next Marvelous Monday Update. All comments will be moderated so I won't be approving them until next week. Good luck!

• The photo was taken at an angle so the piece is slightly distorted.
• You may want to click on the pic to make it larger. Other UFO pics may or may not help, I dunno.
• The mistakes are *not* placement or color changes, etc. They are stitching mistakes that had to be fixed.


Sue said...

Sometimes we can look too closely Meari! guesses would be:

Upper right hand corner, last motiff too close to the borderline.

Hearts misaligned; should the M and the heart be aligned?

Little 'c' symbols not matched up at top right corner?

Just my eyes were starting to cross! LOL

Sue said...

OOOOOOOOOOOPS my email addy is

Shelley said...

This was a bit of a toughie.
1. The top of the letter "T" is kinda off. Looks like the left side of the top is longer than the right.
2. The letter "W" is not as tall as the rest of the letters.
3. One leaf in the tree is missing some stitches.
Hope I didn't goof on these, lol!

Cythia Harris ~ said...

I have no idea :-( But i love the colors!

Gina said...

The top two flowers on the left are incorrect and one of the leaves on the tree is incorrect.


angel parker said...

one of the leaves on the little tree is off. it looks like the leaf has been chewed on. Maybe it is suppose to be this way though.

vEr0n!c@ said...

Um... I could only spot one... I think. The letter W seems a little shorter than the rest. As for the other two mistakes, I have no idea. Lovely piece, by the way.

mbroider said...

BTW, Meari you have won Stitching Devotee (Maggee) giveaway. Pls get in touch with her!!! (as in RUSH!!!)

I am not even going to try this one, though... I did biggify your pic, and am lost really, LOL.

Have fun!

Niina said...

Have to try :) All mistakes are in the tree, from top to down my quess are:
1. second leaf from top left is one row smaller that right sides one
2. fourthh leaf from bottom left is missing a stitch
3. lowerest branches aren't alike, left side looks like "V" and right side looks like "K"

Barbara said...

All the errors are on the tree leaves, Meari. On the left side of tree, the 2nd leaf from top has the top row missing. The 2nd vertical leaf on the left side of tree has a missing stitch on the left side. It looks like the 3rd leaf from the top on left side of tree is missing some stitches compared to the one on the right side.
Barb in TX

hazel said...

This is such a pretty project Meari and the only mistakes I can see are W to high Z not in line with Y and a missed stitches on the leaf on the bottom branch. Remember nobody is perfect just unique.

I wish I had a friend who would point out my mistakes rather than see them for myself after I have it framed.

Hazel (UK)

Pam in IL said...

The V is a Y, the W is smaller than the other letters and there is a stitch missing on one of the leaves of the tree by the bird.

chrisstitches said...

The N, V, & Z need fixing. Just a guess.
Anyway, does a person really look that close? I would call it my

Anonymous said...

1) should be box-heart-box instead of heart-box-heart (in the area under the uppercase letters, on either side of the YZ)

2) small letters (lower case) are in the wrong color

3) left off part of the bird's tail

those are what I could tell from the differences between your picture and the one in you albums of the original on the pattern.

Nancy Lee
(I have a Google acct, but for some !@$#%$#% reason, it wouldn't take it?!?!?)

Diane said...

Your border (always a challenge for me) looks perfect, and the design is really cute. Looking closely, I'm seeing differences in the leaves on the tree. Second down from top on left has one row less than the leaf on right, top leaf on left lowest branch looks like 2-3 stitches are missing from the center, and the third leaf from the bottom on the left looks like it has one row more than its counterpart on the right.

requilt said...

It's going to be a very pretty Treasured Memories finish
Is it in the G and the M and the W?
Rita E in AZ

Anonymous said...

The letters A-G look like they are stitched a row lower then H – M. The letters H-M also look like they are stitched a row taller (or higher). The heart on the far right looks like it should be stitched a little closer to the square to its left.. And the W looks like it is stitched shorter then the V & X. Other then that is looks fine….

Mel said...

1)The W looks like it should be one line lower.
2)There are missing stitches in the pointing up leaf on the left hand side of the tree.
3)Hmm... tough to see what the other might be... but it appears there is a bit of green stitching in the top corner of the square on the left that is not in the right,but might just be the photo.

Loving it so far! :)
Also the pics of Charley and Celeste from before this post are just too cute!

Lyn said...

I believe I do see the error with the W being a row higher and the missing stitches in the leaf on the left, but I cannot find the third oops. Nice work so far, Meari!